Planning on Getting Yourself an Epdm Sheet in 2019? Then Here’s Everything You Need to Know about Them!!

These sheets are used for various purposes, starting from HVAC parts to automotive products, provided you purchase them from genuine EPDM rubber sheet suppliers.

Moreover, the main reason why it is gaining popularity so fast is that it is far less expensive than other rubber sheets, and also gives the consumer unrivaled longevity.

Hence, it not only saves your time but also takes care of your wallet!

If you go to the market with the intention of purchasing an EPDM rubber sheet or have plans of purchasing one online, then you will find that there are plenty of EPDM rubber sheet suppliers. However, the billion-dollar question here is ….…. What exactly is an 

EPDM rubber sheet?

Let us find out –

EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) which can be used for multiple purposes, is a synthetic elastomer.

In many ways, these sheets are a result of advancements made in the field of science, which enables the mixing of multiple monomers or atoms together in a certain and specific proportion in a scientific method known to all of us as Polymerization.

So, what is the reason behind this blending process?

This mixing of monomers is primarily done in order to achieve the desired result, and also to produce a material that will exhibit an extraordinary set of qualities, and is able to resist harsh chemicals, abrasions, or any other kind of impact.

In the case of an EPDM rubber sheet, propylene, diene, and ethylene are mixed together in a specific proportion in order to produce EPDM rubber.

The aforementioned chemicals and their unique combination give these EPDM sheets the ability to withstand the harmful effects of UV rays if and when they are used for outdoor purposes.

This combination also gives these sheets the ability to withstand the adverse effects of certain harsh chemicals.

And most importantly, it also enables these sheets to perform within a wide range of temperatures which can sometimes go up to 100 degrees Celsius.

Now that we have gone through the fundamentals, let us take a quick at some of the applications of these sheets:

EPDM sheets are mainly manufactured for use as flexible strips, in gaskets, and for lining purposes. It is also used for insulating, sealing, isolating, and also for protection of steel and other surfaces.

Plus, if you purchase these sheets from authentic EPDM rubber sheet suppliers, then their unique properties allow them to be used for many other applications as well, like:


● Hydraulic brakes

● Window, trunk, and door seals

● Cable and wire harness

● Seals and weather stripping

● Window spacers


● Stinger covers and electrical insulations

● Belts, tubing, and grommets

● Hoses and water system O – rings


● Mandrel-formed drain tubes

● Seals and panel gaskets

● Compressor Grommets

● Pressure switch tubing



● RV roof

● Roof membrane

● Roof coating

(Caution: It is recommended by experts to not use EPDM rubber in sectors where prolonged contact with petroleum products is a necessity. Also, these sheets should never be used in food applications and any other kind of application where there is large-scale exposure to aromatic hydrocarbons.)

Some of the salient properties of these rubber sheets:

An EPDM rubber product that has been purchased from any one of the countless numbers of authentic EPDM rubber sheet suppliers is bound to possess the following properties –

➢ Temperature Range

● Range of low temperature:- -10oC to -30oC

● Range of high temperature:- +90oC to +130oC

➢ Tensile Strength

● Tensile Range:- 3 MPa to 13 MPa

● Elongation:- maximum of 500%


➢ Hardness or Durometer

●The range of hardness:- 40 to 80 Shore A

● Resilience or Rebound:- Fair

● Resistance to abrasion:- Good

● Wear and Tear resistance:- Good

● Compression set:- Good


➢ Some Extra Properties

● Resistance to aging:- Excellent

● Resistance to oil:- Poor

● Resistance to solvents:- Poor

● Adhesion to metals:- Excellent

Some of the advantages and benefits of using EPDM sheets in a nutshell!

As per the recommendations of experts, if you buy an EPDM rubber sheet from genuine EPDM rubber sheet suppliers, then you are guaranteed to enjoy the following benefits and advantages:

● As these sheets provide excellent resistance to the harmful effects of UV rays, ozone, harsh chemicals, weathering, and aging, they are a perfect match for outdoor applications.

● EPDM is also preferred by industrialists for usage in the manufacturing of extruded rubber or molded rubber products.

● These sheets are known to exhibit excellent performance in a wide range of temperatures which can range from somewhere around -30oC to +130oC.

● Similarly, these sheets also exhibit some of the best non-conductive properties.

● An EPDM rubber sheet shows outstanding resistance to water and steam. Moreover, if you submerge this sheet in water, its properties do not get hampered a bit, thus making it a hot commodity in marine applications.

● It can help you in saving your money on replacements, as they hardly show any signs of malfunctioning and has unmatched longevity.

● They are much cheaper than their silicone counterpart, but almost has the same properties as that of a silicone rubber sheet.

In Conclusion…

…Therefore, from what we have seen, EPDM rubber sheet is a durable and dependable synthetic product that is best suited for outdoor applications.

Not only does it possess outstanding physical properties which makes it ideal for usage in various fields some of which includes non-oil related and outdoor usage.

They generally consist of SBR (which stands for styrene butadiene rubber) compounds, that are responsible for giving these sheets characteristics like state-of-the-art longevity and durability.

The industrial sector at large prefers purchasing them from authentic EPDM rubber sheet suppliers, as only they can provide these sheets which can shield themselves from chemicals and can also perform under extreme temperature conditions.

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