A Brief Discussion on the Importance and Advantages of Using Fine Ribbed Rubber Mats!!

The more the weather conditions become adverse it becomes virtually impossible to keep locations like the entrance of a commercial place, walkways, and hallways at home dry.

In addition, as we all know from our day-to-day life experiences that no one likes working on a floor that is slippery as the chances of slipping and causing serious injuries to oneself to increase manifold.

A floor that is slick can also lead to personnel falling down on the floor, which other than causing temporary pain can also very easily lead to becoming an embarrassing moment for that particular individual.

In order to ensure that such incidents do not take place, it is crucial for everyone to keep the walkways safe, and make sure that the surface offers good traction even if the conditions are excessively wet. 

So, what can be done to prevent such incidents from happening?

Well, according to rubber flooring experts, these incidents can easily be stopped from happening by making proper use of ribbed rubber matting.

How so?

This is primarily because this ribbed or corrugated flooring provides excellent traction to anyone who intends on treading on a wet surface, more so, especially in front of doorways.

Moreover, a ribbed mat that is made up of rubber can not only stand up to abrasive conditions, but they are also available in many different styles and are also available in customizable lengths so that they can meet the needs of any purpose whatsoever.

Hence, installing a finely ribbed mat in places like walkways, storefronts, outdoor walkways, and in places which has to endure a higher percentage of high foot traffic, not only adds to the grip of the surface but also adds to the aesthetic appeal of a place as well.

Why are these mats predominantly used in the aforementioned areas?


The answer in the last paragraph – is used in these places because these are the areas that usually have to endure more foot traffic.

Moreover, if incidents of slipping and injuries occurring as a result of it take place in a commercial environment, then it might very easily lead to a liability issue.

Therefore, in order to avoid such unwanted hassles, people have started using ribbed mats that are corrugated and also made of rubber.

However, why rubber and not any other material?


This is because rubber is inherently slip-resistant, in addition to being resistive to conduction of electricity, and also being one of the most flexible and sturdy compounds on the face of Earth.

In addition, it also possesses a high coefficient of friction, which it is easily able to retain even in extreme wet conditions.

These features have propelled the popularity of rubber so much so that they are always in high demand for manufacturers who produce rubber-flooring products.

And although rubber is known to be a traction-enhancing material, this property can be further enhanced with a corrugated rubber surface texture, where the mat will have alternating grooves on the surface.

Some other advantages of using ribbed rubber matting

Other than the aforementioned advantages, there are a few more as well; like:

  • Apart from the extra grip on the surface for pedestrians to tread on, these mats also prevent dirt, moisture, and debris from accumulating on the floor.
  • It also helps people by removing dirt and debris from the sole of their shoes, as the dirt particles get stuck in between the corrugated grooves of these mats.
  • Yet another advantage of using ribbed rubber matting is that it is more comfortable to stand and also to walk on.

This is because rubber is inherently an elastic compound that provides extra cushioning to the feet.

It is also recommended that you should walk on surfaces that have that extra bit of cushioning as it is beneficial for not only your joints but for the lower back as well.

Why do manufacturers make use of recycled rubber for tyre while producing these mats?

There is a very simple and direct answer to this question, and that is because tyres have to endure the toughest of conditions.

Therefore, it is only natural that using this rubber in the manufacturing phase will only make these mats tougher and capable of withstanding the harshest of conditions, and will also be resistant to the harmful effects of UV rays and accumulation of water, properties it shares with other rubber sheets like butyl rubber sheets and many more.

On a final note…If you want to avoid dirt and moisture accumulation on the floor, and also want a surface that is best suitable for withstanding heavy foot traffic, then the ribbed mats are the ones you should be going for. 


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