Why One Must Use Cow Rubber Mats in the Barns?

Rubber flooring products like mats are used in animal care applications due to their resilience, durability, and comfort. Domestic and productive animals such as cows and horses require special care.

Rubber mats are highly recommended to place in the barn as they are very long-lasting, cost-effective, safe, and comfortable.

Cow Rubber Mats

 have all these essential features to protect the cows from the hard concrete floors and uncomfortable condition of the barns.

Rubber mats are not only used to provide a comfortable place for your cows but also serves certain important purposes in keeping a healthy environment in the barn.

Are you not sure how exactly rubber mats help the cows and the ranchers? Let’s have a quick tour of the benefits you can get from these mats.

Here we go-

How does the texture of the rubber mats help the cows to have grips?

Rubber surfaces can be designed with textures that can relieve discomforting pressure created by an animal’s feet. Cowsheds are prone to moist surfaces due to cleaning and animal waste. As a result, the floors can become slippery.

The surface textures of the rubber mats provide more grips for the hooves of the cows. Rubber mats have an anti-slip surface which reduces the risk of stumbling or falling on the ground. The cow mats’ textured surface boosts friction, ensuring safe movement and locomotion for cows, thereby mitigating the risk of accidents. It also protects the cows from any cuts or scrapes that may occur when they stand up or stretch their body. It also protects the cows from any cuts or scrapes that may occur when they stand up or stretch their body.

Rubber mats are handy for cleaning purposes. Want to know how? Scroll down-

Rubber mats also enhance hygiene and cleanliness. The drainage channels are handy in the process of cleaning the mats. The channels facilitate the drainage of liquids such as water and urine. This unique drainage system eases maintenance and makes cleaning a less tedious process.

Most of the rubber stall floorings can be washed with water and common detergents. Consumers can skip or reduce the cleaning cost by using rubber mats properly.

How do rubber mats resist any bacterial infection?

Cow rubber mats are also resistant to harmful bacteria and microbes. This is especially applicable in the areas where a lot of bacteria could be present. The exceptional texture and composition of cow mats allow for easy disinfection and washing, greatly minimizing health risks. They also protect cows from internal injuries. Since the cowsheds are the high-risk place for bacterial infections, this kind of protection from cuts is an important facility to boast of.

Why cow rubber mats are necessary for the protection of the barn floors?

Besides protecting the cows, these mats are also ideal for shielding the floor area of the barns. Animals such as horses and cows are very weighty. Their hooves can damage the surface in the form of chips, markings, and cracks. Added to that, the high tensile strength can handle the heavy weight and high-volumes foot traffic of the cattle.

Along with this, the regular cleaning of the barn and its exposure to cattle feces results in dampening the barn and ultimately damaging it. The regular occurrences of these damages can make the floor uneven over time. Furnishing the barns with rubber mats is a cost-effective way. This one step can save the rancher from any future repair or replacement costs.

How do cow mats prevent Arthritis and crooked calf diseases?

An uneven barn floor can have a harmful impact on the cattle, causing joint aches and other medical complications. Cow mats immensely help protect your dairy cows from the hard ground, and cold, slippery areas because they provide a softer surface for them to roam around. Exposure of cows to uneven and rough surfaces results in cow arthritis which causes damage to their joints causing tenderness and pain. This ultimately hinders the productivity of the dairy. This risk of loss can be mitigated with the application of cow mats.

Do you know? Cow mats can also relieve symptoms of arthritis and crooked calf diseases.

The article, “Signs and Symptoms of Arthritis in Cattle,” which is written by Julia Fuller deals with this issue. Arthritis causes lameness and pain in cattle. Eventually, the bad health condition is responsible for meager milk production in dairy cows. It also increases the expenses of the owners because of the treatment cost.

This casts an economic loss for the breeder and the cowboy. Veterinary care is expensive. Usage of rubber mats helps to cut down the amount spent on veterinary medicine as it keeps the cows safe. Cow stall mats give a smooth, even platform to walk on and take a rest. Using rubber mats ensures a much safer surface for your productive animals and prevents them from suffering unnecessarily.

How does the resistance of the cow rubber mats keep the cows safe?

 The cow mats make the stall flooring durable because they assume the characteristics of the rubber sheets. These mats are heat-resistant and moisture-resistant. Cow rubber mats offer improved traction, providing cows with a secure grip on the floors. This mitigates the exposure of cows to accidents and health hazards. It ensures safety and reduces the cost of tending to the injuries of the cows.

The neoprene rubber sheet

also carries some common characteristics of Cow rubber mats. Neoprene is a black-colored rubber that is used in a wide range of applications. It is basically used on surfaces where oil, ozone, petroleum, and weathering resistance are needed.

Rubber mats are also considered to be excellent insulators. In chilly weather, when the weather is very hard for the cows, these cow mats resist cold and give them a warm and cozy place.

 Hence, cow sheds or barn is incomplete without the proper placing of the protective rubber mats. According to the National Association of State Departments of Agriculture (NASDA), Animal Welfare means proper care and management of animals. Farmers believe the cows which are raised under humane conditions and practices will be more productive.

Any owner knows that a happy and comfortable animal is a productive animal. In addition to their anti-slip properties and ability to reduce the likelihood of accidents and injuries among cows, cow mats also contribute to increased milk production through their excellent cushioning. It prohibits the cows from suffering from serious health hazards of pneumonia, arthritis, and infectious diseases. The placement of cow rubber mats can help the animal owners in keeping their cows healthy, safe and comfortable.

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