Neoprene Rubber Sheet and Everything You Need to Know about It in 2019!! (A must read blog!!)

neoprene rubber sheet is not only extremely versatile (the main reason for which they are known to have high mechanical strength), but it also exhibits some of the best resistance to petroleum, oils, and also changes in external weather conditions. These are but some of the properties for which they are manufactured by producers of rubber and PVC products, particularly for fire resistance, isolation, and sealing purposes.

However, the fascinating aspect for which these sheets are so highly sought after is that these sheets unlike other cheap rubber sheets are worth every penny and are also stable and immune to the adverse effects of UV rays and ozone, and also to extreme weather conditions.

Given below is a list of some of the uses and applications of this type of sheet!!

Uses of Neoprene Rubber:

  • In the automotive sector

In today’s world, especially in the automotive sector, a neoprene rubber sheet has plenty of areas of applications. For example, these sheets are used for many under-the-hood as well as plenty of under-body parts applications, which need reasonably priced and high-performance polymers that have a standard all-around balance of properties based on performance.

Moreover, these sheets can be used for a number of other purposes in various other industries like mass transit, food preparation, construction, wire and cable, and the list just goes on.

  • In the mass transit sector

The only usage of certified and tested neoprene compounds is applied in the mass transit sector, which includes vehicles like buses, cars, trains, and many more so that you can be completely assured of the fact that the material you are going to put in use is going to fulfill all your expectations.

Using these rubber components, in this case, a neoprene rubber compound has specific advantages that play an important part and also provide certain advantages that are essential for door and window seal extrusions.

It is for this reason that neoprene, a rubber compound that provides excellent resistance to smoke, toxicity, and flame and also meets the entire requisite set of specifications is given so much importance in this particular sector.

  • In the food preparation sector

Experts who deal with rubber compounds recommends using neoprene rubber compounds in order to match the specific operating conditions and the various industrial regulation that is applicable only to the food preparation industry.

Furthermore, these compounds are approved by the FDA and other administrative bodies around the world for their non-contaminating properties, and also because it supports the primary functions of the application.

Custom rubber components are also used which are specially meant to suit your food preparation applications and can also last long enough in a specific environment.

Other than the above applications these sheets can also be used for the following purposes as well like:

  • Isolation barriers
  • Transfer and join sleeves
  • Chassis rubbers
  • Expansion joints, etc.

What is the difference between a Neoprene Rubber Sheet and a Chloroprene Rubber Sheet?

Neoprene rubber sheets are a registered trademark product of chloroprene rubber that is produced by none other than the DuPont Company.

But, because neoprene rubber sheets have been able to garner significant popularity, that nowadays all chloroprene rubber sheets are now referred to as neoprene rubber sheets.

Therefore, it would not be an exaggeration at all if someone says that all neoprene rubber sheets are chloroprene rubber sheets, but all chloroprene rubber sheets are not neoprene rubber sheets.

A couple of characteristic features of a neoprene rubber sheet: 

  • Rubber sheet that is highly durable

neoprene rubber sheet, in most cases, has a maximum Durometer rating of 60, which makes these rubber sheets one of the most highly flexible and durable rubbers available on the market.

  •     Quality of resistance

Moreover, these rubber sheets are known for their ability to show moderate resistance against petroleum products, and environmental factors.

These are the properties for which these neoprene rubber sheets have been able to garner significant fame over a short period of time.

Some bonus information to end the blog:

  • Can easily withstand outdoor conditions.
  • They have little chance of catching fire.
  • Can be used for the purpose of industrial seals, gaskets, and many other applications.
  • They have some of the best adhesion to a metal surface.
  • They can be used in areas where there is a moderate presence of chemicals and oils.

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