Looking for Butyl Rubber sheets | It’s Ideal for Multi-Industrial Purposes

Butyl is commonly referred to as Isobutylene-isoprene or IIR. Butyl Rubber Sheets made of this material are known for their outstanding airtight performance.

Butyl can perform equally well in both high and low temperatures. This makes them a favorite in both the marine and electrical industries.

Butyl rubber products provide good resistance not only to heat but also offers exceptional resistance to chemicals, sunlight, ozone, oils, weathering, greases, and other corrosive elements.

The manufacturing details of

Butyl rubber sheets

Most Butyl Rubber Sheet Manufacturers manufacture Butyl rubber sheets according to the latest Indian and International specifications. These sheets are available in superior and premium grades.

It has a high demand in the market because of its excellent properties. The buyers usually buy it for various purposes. In case your requirement is not matching with the specification, you can have a word with the sales team of the Butyl Rubber sheet manufacturer. They can check out if the customization is available or not. 

Advantages of Butyl Rubber Materials


The advantages of Butyl rubber products are no doubt broad. It boasts of those materials which are very useful for an abundance of industrial applications.

In addition to its durability to tearing, this material has outstanding resistance to heat, Ketones, ozone, weathering, abrasion, flexing, paint or ink dryers, and ester-based hydraulics.

A list of Butyl rubber material’s features has been given below for the help of the users and potential buyers-

▪          Excellent UV & ozone resistance-

This rubber material is resistant to ozone as well as UV rays.

▪          Great Corrosion Resistant-

Butyl rubber materials are highly resistant to any kind of rust or corrosion.

▪          Good chemical resistance-

Butyl rubber material has outstanding resistance to oxidizing chemicals.

▪          Weathering and heat resistance-

The sheets made of Butyl rubber materials can perform well within -45 to 150 degrees C.

▪          Airtight and gas impermeable-

It is a unique property of Butyl rubbers. It has great gas impermeability.

Hold on, these are not enough. If you buy Butyl Rubber sheets, you can also get more benefits from their listless properties. What are those properties? Scroll down-

✔      Good vibration damper

✔      Age resistance

✔      Flexibility

✔      The low glass transition temperature

✔      Displays high damping at ambient temperatures

Properties of Butyl rubber make it a highly valuable product for any industry purposes

Butyl rubber sheets’ flexibility, strength, airtight performance, and low gas permeability make it a perfect choice for inner tubes. Not only that, but it is also an ideal product for other vacuum-sealed or high-pressure applications.

Butyl rubber sheets made of Butyl rubber materials have become one of the most valuable products in the electrical and marine industries.

Like Commercial rubber sheets, these kinds of sheets have been manufactured keeping in mind the applications. It has a wide array of uses primarily as a flexible strip, lining or gasket, and pad. It is also used for Insulating, Sealing, and protecting steel or other surfaces. The properties of Butyl rubber make it ideal to use for various industrial purposes.

Various Applications of Butyl Rubber Sheets


Besides precision cut components and specialty gaskets, butyl rubber sheets can be utilized in a wide array of industrial applications like the following-

▪          It is used in repair sheet-rubber and rubber roof sealants

▪          We use it in Bottle stoppers

▪          in Pharmaceutical packaging and bottles

▪          Adhesives and sealants

▪          It has application in Shock mounts

▪          Diaphragms

▪          Ideal for Tubeless tire liners

▪          In Butyl O-rings

▪          Pond and tank liners and seals

▪          Used as Industrial liners

▪          Industrial hoses and connections

▪          Has applications in construction and mechanical systems

▪          Speaker surrounds

▪          Anti-vibration strips and pads

▪          Flange gaskets on pipes and tanks

▪          The lining of pipes and tanks

▪          Transfer and join sleeves

▪          Weatherproof flashing

▪          Insulating strip

▪          Isolation barriers

▪ Acid-proof splash guards and covers

How do Manufacturers Transform Butyl Rubber Sheets into a Rich-Quality Precision Component?


The manufacturers give custom services including water jet cutting to die cutting, laminating, splitting and slitting, and other necessary things.

The professional and experienced engineers transform the Butyl rubber sheets into a precision component with the cutting and fabrication tools and other necessary services.


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