7 Problems in Rubber Conveyor Belts and Their Solutions- Know From the Expert

Facing downtime or inefficiencies with your current rubber conveyor belts?

Have the incidents of rubber belting rupture become frequent?

Having to replace the rubber for the conveyor belt within a few months?

From wear and tear to sourcing the right materials, the challenges of rubber conveyor belt users are real. In this blog, we will focus on 7 problems of rubber belting and their solutions.

Before you talk to your rubber conveyor belt supplier, take a look at the solutions that our experts with 50+ years of combined experience have offered.

Common problems that the rubber belting suppliers get complaints of:

Rubber Conveyor Belt Wear and Tear

Buyers often wonder: How can we extend the lifespan of our rubber conveyor belts amid constant wear and tear? The answer lies in regular maintenance and choosing the right rubber for conveyor belts.

The quality of rubber belting supplied by the rubber belting suppliers plays a pivotal role. Investing in high-quality rubber conveyor belts from reputable rubber conveyor belt suppliers ensures longevity and reduces the frequency of replacements.

Conveyor Rubber Deterioration

Businesses often face the dilemma of rubber deterioration over time. Buyers ask 'When to replace the rubber conveyor belts? It is quite natural to have this type of concern and get a suitable answer from your rubber conveyor belt supplier.

Well, rubber being a natural product, is not resistant to aging. However, factors like extreme temperature make this process faster.

To counter this, preventive measures are essential. Regular inspections and proper storage can slow down the effects of aging, ensuring your rubber belting remains in optimal condition. Ask your rubber belting supplier to get more tips. Contact our experts, we would love to help.

Impact Damage

How can businesses shield their conveyor belts from impact damage in high-impact areas? The solution lies in using impact-resistant rubber conveyor belts.

Reinforced with durable materials, these belts withstand harsh conditions, offering robust protection against impact damage. Collaborating with a reliable rubber conveyor belt supplier ensures you get the right product for your specific needs.

Naked flame or heat significantly impacts the rubber cover. Well, not in the Duratuf FireGuard. Our fire resistant rubber belting has a self-extinguishable property. Fused with certain elements, the rubber cover emits certain gases when fire touches the surface.

Material Spillage

Material spillage in rubber conveyor belts is a persistent concern. Is there a way to minimize spillage and maintain a clean working environment? Skirting rubber, an often-overlooked component, proves to be the answer. Installed along the sides of the conveyor, skirting rubber prevents material spillage, enhancing the efficiency of your operations and minimizing cleanup efforts.

Tracking Issues

Conveyor belts veering off track can lead to operational disruptions. How can businesses overcome tracking issues efficiently? Implementing effective training mechanisms for the conveyor belt is crucial. Invest in quality training idlers and aligning devices to ensure proper tracking, keeping your rubber conveyor belts on course.

As one of the premier rubber belting suppliers, we would love to help our customers.

Belt Slippage

Belt slippage is a persistent headache for many industrial operators. How can this be addressed in rubber belting without compromising tension? The answer lies in proper tensioning techniques. Utilize tensioning devices and regularly monitor tension levels to prevent belt slippage. A proactive approach to tension management can significantly enhance the performance of your rubber conveyor belts.

Extreme Conditions

Operating in extreme temperatures is a reality for many industries. How can rubber conveyor belts withstand heat or cold? Opt for specialized rubber belting designed for temperature resistance. Ask your rubber belting suppliers for the technical datasheet. Collaborate with experienced rubber belting suppliers who understand the demands of your specific environment, ensuring the rubber for the conveyor belt performs optimally in extreme conditions.

Why Duratuf Conveyor Belts?

Duratuf is one of the trusted rubber conveyor belt suppliers in the world. We do not only promise high-quality rubber for conveyor belts. Here are some other reasons to choose us:

  • Free expert consultation
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  • Application specific warranties

At Duratuf, we offer these categories of Conveyor Belts: General Purpose conveyor belts, HeatGuard conveyor belts, FireGuard conveyor belts, and OilGuard conveyor belts.

Watch this video for reference:

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