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Neoprene rubber sheet for a change: Making the Gulf oil & gas factories efficient

Is high heat in the Gulf region making you replace your industrial rubber equipment frequently?
Struggling for ways to combat the corrosive chemicals in your oil and gas facility along with the weather?
Well, good news for you! A neoprene rubber sheet can be your ultimate savior.

Oil and gas facilities in the Gulf region have an array of challenges to conquer every day. Unlike, other parts of the world, the Gulf countries lie within the stretch of the great Arabian desert. Therefore, owners have an extra duty to shield their oil and gas factories against the harsh environment as well.

On the contrary, the Gulf countries have a rich share of the world’s oil and petroleum reserves. Alternative to coal, oil, and petroleum keep many core industries up and running.

 Do you know how big is the GCC oil and gas market? According to Global Market Insights, it is approximately worth USD 2,140.9 Million!

 If you come across rubber product suppliers, you will get to know about different types of rubber sheets with unique features. Each would seem the ideal choice.

However, a sheet neoprene rubber or a neoprene rubber sheet will suit a range of applications in oil and gas facilities. Let’s explore this in detail:

Neoprene Rubber Sheet In Gulf Oil And Gas Facilities: It’s A Match

What Is A Neoprene Rubber Sheet?

Neoprene is a family of synthetic rubbers that comes from the polymerization of chloroprene. The DuPont company first started marketing the neoprene rubber sheet, under the trade name DuPrene. The popularity quotient of the neoprene rubber sheet has not faded ever since. Furthermore, many neoprene rubber sheet manufacturers in India promise enhanced innovation in their offerings today.

So, Is neoprene better than rubber? The answer is, yes!

Since the neoprene rubber sheet resists degradation more than natural and synthetic rubbers, it makes the oil and gas facilities more functional.

 Maybe the properties of a neoprene rubber sheet, in brief, will help you understand the reason why:

The Properties of Neoprene Rubber Sheets

  • Durability: Neoprene rubber has a tested resistance against the effects of wear and tear, making it especially suitable for demanding industrial applications.
  • Heat Resistance: A Neoprene rubber sheet can withstand temperatures even more than 120°C, ideal for environments like oil and gas factories.
  • Chemical Resistance: According to the test certificates produced by renowned rubber product suppliers, a neoprene rubber sheet can dodge the effects of oil, grease, and many chemicals encountered in various industries.
  • Flexibility: Neoprene rubber sheet uses in cold temperatures is also preferred in oil and gas facilities. Why? The reason is, that neoprene rubber sheet maintains flexibility even in cold temperatures, allowing for easier handling and shaping.
  • Water resistance: Relatively waterproof, neoprene rubber sheet is suitable for use in wet environments.

At Duratuf, our specialists with 50+ years of experience in oil and gas factories of the Gulf region invest time in continuous research and development. As one of the top neoprene rubber sheet manufacturers in India, we make sure that ‘premium-ness’ remains intact in our neoprene rubber sheets.

Duratuf neoprene rubber sheet finds its place prominently in the Gulf oil and gas facilities. Here is how:

5 Applications Of Neoprene Rubber Sheet In Oil And Gas Factories

Neoprene rubber sheet uses are diverse in the oil and gas factories. However, for the benefit of our buyers and users, we are jotting down the major applications of the Duratuf neoprene rubber sheet:

  • Gaskets and seals: Rubber hoses play a crucial role in oil and gas extraction. But, the catch here is- both petroleum and natural gas are highly inflammable! Even the smallest leak can lead to a devastating fire accident. Hence, the joints in refinery equipment and hoses must be sealed correctly.

The neoprene rubber sheet exhibits a low compression set, it’s highly flexible and wear-tear resistant- making it the ideal material for seals. A neoprene rubber sheet is effective in creating leak-proof seals around pipes, valves, and other equipment.
In an industry, various types of seals and gaskets are used. Here’s a bonus for an avid reader like you. Taking you to the world of rubber gaskets now!

  • Floor coverings: A neoprene rubber sheet provides slip-resistant surfaces in industrial settings to prevent accidents. It has shock-absorbant properties. Thus, by using the neoprene rubber sheet as your production area flooring, you can eventually keep the surface dent-free and clean.
  • Linings: Neoprene rubber sheet stays untampered in the face of corrosive chemicals. By using it as the inner liner for storage tanks and containers, you can save money, otherwise spent on replacing them frequently.
  • Vibration dampening: Neoprene consists of long, interconnected chains of molecules. These chains act like springs, absorbing and dissipating the energy of vibrations. Neoprene readily stretches and returns to its original shape, allowing it to absorb and release the energy from vibrations effectively

As a result, the Neoprene rubber sheet effectively safeguards heavy equipment and extends its lifespan.

Why Trust Duratuf As Your Neoprene Rubber Sheet Exporter?

Team, Duratuf makes sure that our buyer’s journey remains smooth from ordering to delivery. As a trusted neoprene rubber sheet exporter, we prioritize quick response, and fast delivery and offer product customizations.

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Some of our esteemed clients in the oil and gas sector worldwide are:
In A Nutshell

Neoprene rubber sheets are a dependable solution for various industrial applications, particularly in the oil and gas sector. However, as a buyer, you should always pay attention to the quality rather than the neoprene rubber sheet price. Most neoprene rubber sheet manufacturers in India, selling low-priced neoprene rubber sheets, cannot vouch for their quality. Remember, in the Gulf regions, the biggest challenge is to fight the environmental extremities.
If you want to save yourself from the hassles of replacing neoprene rubber sheets, now and then, trust us!



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