Crafting Success: How Entrepreneurship Propels Our Automation Of Business Process

Ever thought about the mind-blowing power of entrepreneurship in shaping the industrial sector?
What happens when innovation merges with dedication in business planning in entrepreneurship?

In the case of Duratuf, a 13-year-young stalwart in the industrial rubber sector, entrepreneurship isn’t just a concept. Rather, it is the driving force behind cutting-edge process and automation.

Even in the post-pandemic era, most industrial rubber products suppliers, including the key players, rely on traditional business processes. On the contrary, for Duratuf, offering our customers the ease of ordering is paramount. Hence, from receiving an order to delivering it, we have chosen to automate our operations.

Join us as we unfold the story of Duratuf, a trailblazer in supplying conveyor belts, insulating mats, rubber sheets, and cow mats, and explore how entrepreneurship has propelled their journey toward efficiency and success.

The Entrepreneurial Journey: Being A Digital Entrepreneur

Image of Harvesting The Liquid Silver From Rubber Trees

Duratuf’s inception marked the beginning of an odyssey as a digital entrepreneur in the competitive world of industrial rubber supply. Founded with a vision to redefine quality and service, we have embarked on a mission to provide unparalleled solutions for various core industries. This entrepreneurial spirit of our visionary founder Mr. Aayush Kejriwal laid the foundation for the automation of business processes, setting Duratuf on a path towards sustained success.

Innovative Product Portfolio: Cornerstone In Our Process And Automation

Image of Harvesting The Liquid Silver From Rubber Trees

Duratuf’s commitment to innovation is mirrored in our diverse product portfolio. Specializing in conveyor belts, insulating mats, rubber sheets, and cow mats, the company has successfully identified and tapped into niche markets. This foresight broadened our scope and also positioned Duratuf as leaders in providing tailored solutions for a vast range of industrial needs. As our entrepreneurial mindset drove the continuous expansion of their product line, we kept standing out in the ever-competitive industry.

Streamlined Supply Chain Management: Introduction Of The LMA

How does Duratuf maintain a competitive edge in supply chain management?  What is our business planning in entrepreneurship in this regard?

Recognizing the need for efficiency, we have strategically invested in cutting-edge technologies to streamline their supply chain processes.  Our recent addition as a top digital entrepreneur is, our next-generation LMA- Logistics Management Automation. Automation of inventory management, order processing, and logistics not only reduces operational costs but also ensures a seamless and swift response to customer demands.

This commitment to excellence in supply chain management has become a hallmark of Duratuf’s entrepreneurial approach. Hence, we always stay committed to responding to you within 60 minutes.

Customer-Centric Approach: Non-Negotiable Aspect Of Business Planning In Entrepreneurship

One of the pillars of Duratuf’s success lies in our unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction.

Entrepreneurship, in this context, translates to a purely customer-centric approach. By leveraging technology, Duratuf has instituted automated customer service processes, ensuring prompt responses to inquiries, quick issue resolutions, and efficient order tracking.

This personalized touch from our product experts, facilitated by entrepreneurial vision, has cultivated strong and lasting relationships with clients. We have served more than 10500+ customers across 50+ countries within just 14 years!

Quality Assurance through Automation: The Duratuf Promise

The heart of Duratuf’s success story lies in our non-negotiable commitment to delivering top-notch quality. Through the entrepreneurial lens, this means the automation of quality assurance processes. By integrating advanced testing and inspection technologies throughout the production lines, Duratuf ensures that every conveyor belt, insulating mat, rubber sheet, and cow mat meets or exceeds industry standards. Our dedication to quality not only boosts customer confidence but also enhances the overall reliability of the entire product range.

Adapting to Market Trends: Staying Ahead Is The Spirit of Duratuf Entrepreneurship

When entrepreneurship is synonymous with adaptability, Duratuf exemplifies this trait by staying attuned to dynamic market trends. How do we do it? Simple! By embracing emerging technologies and incorporating sustainable practices.

This entrepreneurial vision of our CEO Mr. Kejriwal allows Duratuf not just to keep pace with market demands but to proactively shape industry trends.


In the dynamic world of industrial rubber supply, Duratuf truly stands apart from the transformative power of entrepreneurship. Through the high-end process and automation, a commitment to innovation, and a continuous focus on customer satisfaction and quality, we continue to craft success. Especially where it demands resilience and forward-thinking.

Our entrepreneurial spirit not only propels them forward. It also sets us as a compelling example for aspiring businesses in any industry.

Know more about being a digital entrepreneur. Connect with us today!

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