Using EPDM Rubber Sheet to Create Desert-Friendly Water Features in Saudi Arabia

Imagine this, you are walking through the streets of Qatar or Kuwait with the scorching Arabian sun above your head. Hoping to spot something to soothe your mind, you come across a cool oasis. Perfect! A pond with crystal-clean water and fountains nearby. The sound of flowing water instantly relieves you from the heat. Do you know your imagination can be a reality with an EPDM rubber sheet.

Curious? Let’s get into the details. Read on!
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Saudi Arabia- Where The Environment Is Unforgiving

Saudi Arabia lies in the greatest desert in the World- the Arabian Desert. With 95% of land lying in the desert (According to NASA), the major regions of Saudi Arabia- Jordan, Iraq, Kuwait, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Oman, and Yemen face dire water crises around the year.

Even if there are water features, their maintenance costs are high.

On the contrary, within this region lies some of the biggest oil and gas facilities in the world.

What is a water feature in construction?

Water features in Saudi Arabia can be an artificial lake, a pond, or a water fountain. Apart from fulfilling the need for water, the water features in these arid regions soothe the eye, enhance humidity, and increase the property value.

Why EPDM Rubber Sheet For Desert Water Features?

EPDM rubber sheets, according to the top rubber product manufacturers are a type of synthetic rubber sheet made from ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM) polymer. The EPDM waterproofing membrane price depends significantly on the quality of the material.

EPDM rubber sheets are known for their durability and excellent weather resistance. The EPDM waterproofing membrane is the first choice of roofers for the construction of rubber roofs across the world. Not only that, the EPDM rubber sheet finds its use as a lining material.

It is used to line the places where water stays stagnant. Owing to their molecular structure, the EPDM rubber sheet offers a resilient option for lining the water features in Saudi Arabia.

Nevertheless, concrete or plastic is also used for the purpose but they fail to stay intact in the merciless weather.

Wondering How hot is Saudi Arabia in summer?

Well, from June to August, the temperature in Saudi Arabia goes beyond 130 °F.

Top 3 Water Parks in Saudi Arabia

Image of conveyor Belt in Mining Industry

King Abdullah Park, Riyadh

Image of conveyor Belt in Mining Industry

Al Shallal Theme Park, Jeddah

Image of conveyor Belt in Mining Industry

King Fahd’s Fountain, Jeddah

Let’s explore 5 other features of EPDM rubber sheets that make them the perfect choice in the desert weather:

5 (+1) Features Of An EPDM Rubber Sheet Making Them Desert Ready

The concrete liners can crack under extreme heat, and some plastics become brittle or break down from prolonged UV exposure. Since the water features stay outdoors, they have to sustain the harshness throughout the day and night. The Duratuf EPDM rubber sheet brings peace of mind to the maintenance workers:

  • Water Resistance Properties: The water feature liner should be water resistant- it is a basic necessity. Isn’t it? Yes, according to the technical specifications provided by the rubber sheet suppliers, EPDM water sheets are water resistant.
  • EPDM rubber sheets have excellent Durability: EPDM rubber sheet boasts exceptional resistance to extreme temperatures. The extremities can range from scorching sunlight to occasional cold spells. Recognized EPDM rubber sheet suppliers ensure your water feature can withstand the year-round climate fluctuations in Saudi Arabia with their premium products.
  • Puncture Resistance for Sand Storms: The desert environment can pose challenges with sharp rocks or debris. In Saudi Arabia, dust or sand storm (Haboob) is a prominent climatic phenomenon. EPDM rubber sheet’s puncture resistance makes it less susceptible to tears or leaks, minimizing maintenance needs.
  • 5 stars for flexibility: Unlike rigid materials (concrete or plastic), EPDM rubber sheets are flexible and conform to uneven surfaces. This allows for the creation of natural-looking contours in the water features to blend seamlessly with the desert landscape.

The Duratuf EPDM rubber sheet has tested flexibility. Click here for the EPDM rubber sheet specification.

  • Safeguarding with UV resistance: The relentless desert sun can wreak havoc on materials. An EPDM rubber sheet is formulated with exceptional UV resistance, preventing the liner from degrading or becoming hard and brittle over time.
  • An environment-friendly product: The water features look more attractive with a variety of fish in them. Nonetheless, for fish to sustain, the liners need to be non-toxic. Here the EPDM rubber sheet is a non-toxic and inert material. Thus, it is safe for fish, plants, and the surrounding environment.

Looking for a 5mm rubber sheet? Our proficient team can provide a quote within 60 seconds!

Finish Off with Water Conservation Strategies

Water features balance out the extremities of the merciless Saudi climate. However, it does not end with installing a water feature with the ideal EPDM rubber sheet lining. You also need to think about water conservation strategies. As trusted EPDM rubber sheet suppliers having a team of product experts, these are 3 ways to maintain the water level in the water features:

  • Use native plants: Plants give a green touch to the water feature. You can opt for desert-adapted plants that require minimal water.
  • Graywater irrigation:Consider using grey water from showers or sinks to irrigate the plants around the water feature lined with an EPDM rubber sheet.
  • Cover the water surface: A mesh cover over part of the water feature can help minimize evaporation.
  • 5 stars for flexibility: Unlike rigid materials (concrete or plastic), EPDM rubber sheets are flexible and conform to uneven surfaces. This allows for the creation of natural-looking contours in the water features to blend seamlessly with the desert landscape.

Why Trust Duratuf For EPDM Rubber Sheets?

Duratuf takes pride in a team of experts who specialize in rubber products for Saudi Arabia. We have a localized presence in the region. You can come and inspect the samples before buying. We offer a competitive EPDM waterproofing membrane price.

 However, along with the price, as one of the trusted EPDM rubber sheet suppliers and exporters, our USPs are:

  • Quick and Free Delivery From Our Warehouse In The UAE

  • Product Expert Offering Guidance

  • Warranty Of Up To 2 Years On Rubber Sheets

  • Tested And Certified

  • Ready Stock

In Conclusion

An EPDM rubber sheet offers a game-changer for creating beautiful and sustainable water features in Saudi Arabia. Their durability, flexibility, and resistance to the harsh desert climate make them the ideal material for bringing the serenity of water to even the most arid landscapes.

Are you looking for our EPDM waterproofing membrane price? Contact us now!

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