A Dairy Farmer’s Guide: 7 Benefits Of Using Cow Mats During Monsoon

Are your cows struggling with health issues during the monsoon season?
Do you know that the right cow mats can be your ultimate savior?

Monsoon brings unique challenges for dairy farmers. Continuous rainfall and high humidity can create a breeding ground for a number of diseases. Have you noticed an infection in the hoofs of the cows, bleeding from their udder, or diarrhea?
These diseases not only hamper the health of your cattle. Additionally, they can also decrease the milk production capacity of the cows.
And, with decreased milk production, your business gets affected too.
Without proper hygiene measures, the situation might get out of your hands.

What are the common challenges faced by cows during rainy seasons?

  • Footrot and hoof infections: Footrot and hoof infections are caused by Fusobacterium necrophorum and Dichelobacter nodosus. These bacteria affect the soft tissues on the feet of the cows, slowly decaying them.
    Having foot rot and hoof infection, the cows may have difficulting standing as well as walking.
  • Mastitis: In the case of mastitis, the udder (milk-producing organ) of the cows starts to swell, bleed, or even stop milk production. Being a painful condition, mastitis drastically degrades the quality of milk produced by the cows.
  • Leg injury from slippery floors: During the rainy season, the stable floors can get even more wet and muddy. As a result, the cows get frequently injured by slipping. Injuries cause stress in the cows- and ultimately lead to low milk production.
  • Parasite infections: Clogged water and unclean stable floor laden with feces or mud create the ideal breeding ground for different parasites. The parasites can also grow in cow mats that do not have drainage channels.

With so many challenges during the monsoon, it becomes tough for a dairy farmer to keep the cattle healthy and productive. But not when you use a cow mat.

What is a Cow Mat?

A cow mat is a rubber sheet designed especially for cattle. It is a type of flooring mattress designed to provide the cows comfortable and free from injuries. Cows spend a significantly long time standing. The hard, often uneven stable flooring can cause leg pain, injuries, and eventually stress in the cows.

Made of rubber or EVA foam, the padded cow mats create an even floor cover.

Nonetheless, there are more cow mat benefits other than just being a floor cover. Here are some of them:

  • Added Anti-Slip Feature: Made of rubber and having a textured surface below, the cow mats make an anti-slip surface for the cows. This, in turn, provides more traction and reduces injuries in cows from falls. With fewer injuries, the mobility of the cows remains uncompromised.
  • Better Respiratory Health: Cow dung and urine contain ammonia. Accumulation of too much ammonia causes respiratory problems in cows. Some Cow mats come with drainage channels that help in keeping the surface dry. As a result, it improves the air quality.
  • Dry and Clean Surface: One of the many cow mat benefits is that it keeps the floors dry. Without an appropriate floor covering, it is difficult to get away with the dung and mud. The messy situation escalates with continuous rainfall over days.
  • Floor protection: Cow hoofs impact the stable floors- making them wear out, and creating dents on them. In such cases, you have to spend repeatedly on repairing the floors. Hence, it is practical to cover the floors with a more economical option.

Why Choose Duratuf Cow Mats?

A disease-infested cattle, eventually leading to low production of milk may hit your business hard. Not only that, your customers may also start to question your reputation as a dairy farmer. While you will get all the cow mat benefits as discussed above with a regular cow mat, at Duratuf, we offer you something extra.

Duratuf cow mats stand out- how? Let’s have a look at its features:

  • Drainage Channels: Duratuf rubber mat for cows are designed with effective drainage channels. These channels do not allow water accumulation or moisture build-up. As a result, they keep the surface dry and reduce the risk of infections and respiratory issues.
  • Lightweight cow mats: Cow mats are known to be bulky and heavyweight. However, this is not true for the Duratuf cow mats which are lightweight. Hence they are easy to handle and install. You can quickly set up a safe and comfortable environment for your cows hassle-free.
  • Antibacterial Properties: The drainage channels in Duratuf cow mats do not allow the accumulation of water, mud, or feces. Therefore, keeps bacteria away. This feature is particularly beneficial in preventing diseases like mastitis and hoof infections.
  • Interlockable feature: Duratuf Cow mats (interlocking) come in small pieces that can be set like a puzzle. Not only do they come in small packaging, but you can join them quickly to create a fully functional cow mat. Nevertheless, when you decide to shift the cow mat to another place, just disintegrate the puzzle pieces and you are good to go!
  • Durable and Long-lasting: Our premium cow mats are built to last. They can withstand the heavy weight of the cows. They can battle the harsh conditions of a farm environment. Soon, your cost of replacing low-grade cow mats comes down with our superior products.
  • Cushioned Mattress: The mats provide excellent cushioning. The padded surface comforts the joints and leg bones of the cows- who mostly stand throughout the day. Feeling the comfort, the cow is encouraged to lie down more and stay stress-free.
  • Eco-Friendly and Safe: Duratuf cow mats are made from eco-friendly rubber that is safe for both the cows and the environment. They are free from harmful chemicals, ensuring a safe and healthy living space for your cattle.

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You can check out what our customers say about our Cow mats:

You can get Duratuf’s cow mats in three variants:

In a Nutshell

Continuous rainfall during the monsoons can soon turn your stable into a breeding ground for parasites and bacteria. As a result, your cattle can get sick, and produce less and inferior quality milk- leading you towards business loss.

Do not worry, with the right tools like a cow mat, you can be stress-free during the monsoons. You can even be more beneficial by using Duratuf cow mats.

Are you looking for our cow mat price? Reach out to our specialist team now!

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