Conveyor Belts

  • Strong Reinforcement, Resilient to Higher Impact
  • Balance Of Transverse Rigidity And Flexibility
  • Conveys Larger Volume With Higher Speed
  • Exclusive Reinforcement & Cover Design, Suitable for Arduous Applications

Minimum Stress, Maximum Uptime!

Minimum Stress, Maximum Uptime!

Duratuf Conveyor Belt: Cover Grade Ranges

A premium line of products that keeps the production process seamless and ever-growing

A conveyor belt is used to transport materials from one point to another. For example, in a mine, a rubber conveyor belt connects the way between the mines and processing units. Seemingly, a fleet of mining trucks can also help you in the carriage but a Duratuf industrial conveyor belt is low maintenance, easy to use, and does not depend on human labor additionally. As one of the top conveyor belt suppliers in India, we promise that our premium products keep your production process running and ever-growing, as well.

General Purpose Conveyor Belts

The Duratuf General Purpose Conveyor Belts are categorized into: Duratuf LiteGuard, Duratuf Guardian and Duratuf MaxGuard, depending upon the level of abrasion the cover can sustain

HeatGuard Conveyor Belts

When it comes to handling hot materials like sintered ore or cement, Duratuf Heat Resistance Conveyor Belts are highly reliable.

FireGuard Conveyor Belts

Fire can be fatal. If you do not want to compromise the safety of your work premises, choose Duratuf Conveyor Belts.

OilGuard Conveyor Belts

Duratuf Oil-resistant cover prevents snaking and warping or reverse warping during transporting items containing oil (mineral, vegetable or animal).

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Conveyor Belt Manufacturing Process

Curious about how Duratuf Conveyor Belts are manufactured ?

Are you curious about how a conveyor belt is manufactured? As a trusted conveyor belt manufacturer in India, let us share a glimpse: The conveyor belt manufacturing process involves several key steps. At Duratuf, it starts with selecting the best-grade rubber. The rubber is then mixed and compounded to achieve the desired properties, including strength, flexibility, and resistance to abrasion, heat, fire, or oil. Next, the compounded material is formed into sheets or strips using various methods such as calendering or extrusion. These sheets/strips are then cut to the required width and length. After that, the individual components of the conveyor belt, such as the carcass (the core layer providing strength), the cover (protective layers on top and bottom), and any additional layers for reinforcement or special properties, are assembled together. The final step involves vulcanization, where the conveyor belt is subjected to heat and pressure in a vulcanizing press to bond all the components together permanently. This ensures durability and strength, making the conveyor belt ready for use in various industries and applications.

Conveyor Belt Applications

Duratuf Conveyor Belt types are a perfect fit for multiple industries including:

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Icon of Conveyor Belt


Icon of Engine compartments


Icon of Mold Making


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Icon of Localized Supply


Icon of Customisation

Thermal Power

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Waste Handling

WHY Choose Duratuf Conveyor Belt

Duratuf Conveyor Belts stand apart. This is how:

Maximum Uptime

Seamless Production

Durable Reinforcement

Safe Transportation

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Low Spillage

Icon of Fast Delivery

Long Lifetime

Our Certifications & Membership

Quality is our priority. Our certifications are testament to our commitment.

Years of Business

Countries Exported

Happy Customers

Successful Projects

Years of Business

Countries Exported

Happy Customers

Successful Projects
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Our Journey So Far…

Duratuf is one of the swiftly growing rubber sheet manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of industrial rubber products.
We believe in offering the ease of ordering- a 3-step simple purchase process. It all starts with talking with our experts, getting a quote and doorstep delivery-that’s it’!


  • Started as "Duratuf Produkt"- A sole proprietorship with Electrical Insulating Mats.
  • First office Space Was Only of 80 sq ft.


  • Got Our 1st export order after successfully establishing our name in the Indian market.
  • Moved to a Bigger Workspace of 450 sq ft.
  • Started Investing in Technology and Process Improvement.


  • Enlisted as a Private Limited Company
  • Opened the NCR Branch and Warehouse..
  • Started Duratuf Ecommerce Store: The First Ecommerce Store in the Segment.
  • 2019: Implemented Zoho One ERP Solution to Automate Business Processes.
  • 2020: Opened Office in the UAE.


  • Exported 53+ Products Across 37 Countries in the World.
  • Expanded Operations in Warehouses Across India (Delhi NCR, Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Chennai, Kolkata And Mumbai) and 1 in Dubai (UAE)


  • Moved to a Large Corporate Workspace of Over 4,000 Sq. Ft.
  • Added Norway:
    47th Country to Our Export List.

Coming Soon...

  • Warehouses Operations in the USA and Australia
  • Expanded Product Range.
  • Upgraded to More Advanced Form of Technology

Design Conveyor Belts as per your Requirements

Duratuf offers options to customize the conveyor belts. Be it width, number of plies or cover grade, let us know what you are looking for!

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