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Duratuf Electrical Rubber Mats (IEC 61111:2009)

We deliver insulation mats according to the IEC 61111:2009 Standard. This particular standard is set by the International Electro Technical Commission. They are highly electrical resistant. These non-conductive mattings protect as well as insulate from the mortal shocks that are generated by high voltage equipment.

We recommend a thickness ranging from 2mm to 4mm (higher thickness is also available) depending upon the use working voltage resistance with anti-skid textured surface on the top & smooth lower surface. All the electrical insulation mattings that we deliver are moisture, water and leakage proof that guarantee a long functional (service) life. They are oil, acid and fire resistant too. Manufacturer’s Test Certificate is provided along with the supply.

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Duratuf Electrical Rubber Mats (IEC 61111:2009)

Duratuf Electrical Insulating Mats IEC 61111- Class 2
Duratuf IEC 61111 Electrical Insulating Mats Class 2
Duratuf IEC 61111 Electrical Insulating Mats- Class 4
IEC 61111- Class 4 grey
Electrical Insulating Mats with Fine Ribbed Surface Design


DURATUF Electrical Insulating Mat (IEC 61111:2009) is used for:-

  • Near HT/LT Control Panels
  • In front of Switchboards
  • Electrical Substations
  • Around Bus Bars
  • Transformers, Generator & Lift Rooms
  • Outdoor/Indoor On-site use on Live Equipment


How do I select the class & standard of Electrical Safety Matting?

The choice of electrical safety matting for use in live working is determined by the following:

  • The highest voltage of the system
  • The required insulation level for live working
  • The supplemental protective insulating equipment utilized by the worker
  • The work practices required by the employer and utilized by the employee
  • The national regulatory requirements

But, for further clarity, you can go through IEC61111 Eelectrical Insulation Mats | 100% Explained. It is a guide to help you choose your electrical safety matting standard and voltage.

Where can I buy Duratuf IEC 61111 Insulation Mats?

Our Duratuf Insulation Mats are made available globally through direct sales and our network of authorised dealers and resellers. You can send us a request for a quote through our website or call us directly or email us to get a prompt response.

Which design is better, Fine Ribbed or Both Sides Textured?

When it comes to the choice between Fine Ribbed and Both Sides Textured, it all boils down to the grip you need, the maintenance & the aesthetic factor. Fine Ribbed comes with a stronger grip in terms of high-voltage insulation mats but is harder to maintain due to accumulation of dirt between the ribs. Moreover minimum thickness for Fine Ribbed design is 3mm where as Both Sides Textured design starts at 2mm reducing cost.

What is the price of the IEC 61111 Electrical Rubber Mats?

The IEC 61111 Insulating Mats prices vary depending upon the working voltage, thickness, design, and colour. For immediate custom quotes and best prices for the electrical insulation mats please connect with us directly.

What if I am getting cheaper prices elsewhere?

We at Duratuf do not guarantee the lowest pricing. But, we do guarantee the quality of our electrical insulation mats and adherence to the IEC 61111 specifications. However, in case you have a special pricing request then we request you to contact our customer sales representative or authorised dealer.

What is the minimum quantity required to order the matting?

The minimum quantity required to order for a domestic order starts at 10 Sq. Mtr. And, in terms of international orders the minimum order quantity begins at 100 Sq. Mtr.

What do I do if my question is not available here?

If you have a question and it is not listed above, please visit the FAQ Section on our homepage or contact us directly and we will solve all your queries.


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