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Duratuf Cow Mat With Diamond Surface

Cow Mats – Diamond

Material: Rubber | Grade: Premium
Size: 16mm Thick x 4ft. Wide x 7ft. Long
Weight: 34-36 Kgs
Top Surface: Diamond Design
Bottom Surface: Drain Channel
Colour: Black
Warranty: 2 Years
Packing: HDPE Packing in Flat Form
Free Delivery: Within 3 to 8 Working Days


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Duratuf Cow Mat, Diamond

Duratuf Premium Heavy Weight Cow Mats Diamond All Features
Duratuf Premium Diamond Cow Mats Specification
Duratuf Premium Grade Cow Mats Diamond Drainage Channel

Features & Benefits

Duratuf Heavy-Weight Cow Mats offer excellent anti-slip and anti-fatigue features for heavy-weight dairy cows. Cow Mats are beneficial for reducing limb injuries, control Mastitis, maintain hygiene, increase milk production, and more.

Duratuf Cow Mats are designed with premium-grade rubber and a microcellular blend of EVA which holds tiny air bubbles offering comfortable bedding to your dairy cows.

Duratuf heavyweight cow mattress helps maintain hygiene, reduces infections and diseases in cow barns by redirecting fluids including cow urine through channels away from the surface. These mats also reduce bacterial infection, such as Mastitis caused by prolonged contact with a wet surface.

Exclusive non-slip surface offers increased traction providing dairy cows a natural sure-footed gait. Anti-skid surface reduces the risk of injuries from falling or slipping on wet, cracked, concrete surfaces that pose a tripping hazard. Relieves the symptoms of arthritis causing lameness in dairy cows.

Duratuf Heavy-Weight Cow Mats offer floor insulation from both humidity & cold. The mats act as a thermal insulator that helps in maintaining body temperature contributing to improving the overall health of dairy cows.

Duratuf rubber mat for cows is highly recommended for cow farms to reduce medical expenses and reap the benefits of increased milk production.

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Full Grown Cow Standing On Duratuf Cow Mats
Heavy Cow Standing on Duratuf Hexa Premium Cow Mat
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Cows Sitting On Duratuf Premium Hexa Cow Mats
Heavy Cow Sitting on Premium Duratuf Cow Mat