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Are you looking for an industrial rubber sheet supplier near you? From electrical rubber mats to premium rubber sheets, conveyor belts and cow mats, get everything under one roof at Duratuf. Our products are engineered for durability, reliability, and performance across various industries. With a commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, we offer tailored solutions to meet your specific needs.

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Electrical Insulating Mats

Duratuf insulation mats keep you safe near high voltage electrical equipment. While most of the suppliers offer you a limited range of products, Duratuf makes sure that you get everything in one place. We offer ERDA-certified IS 15652 electrical mats meeting the Indian safety standard. Additionally, you also get certified ASTM D178 and IEC 61111 electrical safety mats at us.
Image of Duratuf Electrical Rubber Mats (IEC 61111:2009) Class 0
Duratuf Electrical Rubber Mats (IEC 61111:2009)
Duratuf Switchboard Mats (ASTM-D178) Class 0 Type 1
Duratuf Switchboard Mats (ASTM-D178)
Butyl Rubber Sheet
X-Volt Electrical Insulating Mats (IS 15652:2006)

Duratuf Conveyor Belts

Thinking about seamless transportation of heavy-duty materials from point A to point B? Is too much downtime affecting your operations? Our durable conveyor belts give you long-lasting relief. Along with our premium cover grades, you will see downtime reduced significantly with our conveyor belt installation and maintenance guide.

General Purpose Conveyor Belts
HeatGuard Conveyor Belts
FireGuard Conveyor Belts
OilGuard Conveyor Belts

Duratuf Rubber Sheets

Duratuf Rubber Sheets are renowned for their durability and versatility across industries. From flooring to gaskets, sealing, or weather protection, we have rubber sheets for a wide range of applications. Trusted globally, Duratuf rubber sheets offer long-lasting performance, ensuring peace of mind for industrial applications.
Duratuf Abrasion Resistant Rubber Sheet
Abrasion Resistant Rubber Sheet
Silicone Rubber Sheet
Silicone Rubber Sheet
Butyl Rubber Sheet
Butyl Rubber Sheet
EPDM Rubber Sheet Surface for adhesive
EPDM Rubber Sheet
EPDM Waterproofing Membrane Roll
EPDM Waterproofing Membrane
Duratuf Food Grade Rubber Sheet
Food Grade Rubber Sheet
Insertion Rubber Sheet
Insertion Rubber Sheet
Pulley Lagging Rubber Sheet Rolled Top Surface
Pulley Lagging Rubber Sheet
Neoprene Rubber Sheet
Neoprene Rubber Sheet