What Does Duratuf Do?

Duratuf Products Pvt. Ltd. is a widely recognised brand since 2010 in manufacturing, supplying and exporting various industrial rubber and pvc products. We are headquartered at Kolkata, India at the heart of the “City of Joy”. We also have a branch office and warehouse at the Delhi NCR Region.

We have observed that the purchasing of industrial products and services is usually an unsatisfying experience. One has to send numerous requests for quotations, follow up repeatedly, chase for the supply of orders, etc. Also, at times customers are not adequately informed about the products they are buying and the other better options that are available.

For making this entire procedure more transparent and turn purchasing into a rich and fulfilling experience, we deliver the right products at right prices to all our customers & always keep them informed on the status of their orders/inquiries.

Years of Business

Countries Exported

Happy Clients

Successful Projects

Our Strength – 3T’s

We believe in our Team, rely on our Technology and value everyone’s Time. Owing to these factors we have gained an edge over our competitors.


They are the backbone of our system. They are continuously trained and monitored to provide the clients with all relevant information and details promptly.


The use of latest IT technology and tools such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) help to provide prompt and regular updates and feedback to our customers.


It is a very costly resource and we make sure that all customer queries/complaints are resolved on ASAP basis. We also try our best to deliver within committed time schedules.

Our Mission Statement

“To expand our product range and fulfil the ever increasing industrial needs of our domestic and international customers by providing them with the right products/services at competitive prices. We understand that industrial products purchasing is a necessary but often unpleasant experience. Our goal is to provide the customers with an enjoyable, transparent and professional experience achieved by providing regular training to our personnel and maintaining modern & up-to-date infrastructure and systems. Our vendors also benefit by access to higher market exposure and correct prices for their quality products. Our profits come from our sales which are driven by our aggressive marketing strategies.”

Our Clientele

Our products and services are used by the top businesses in India across various industries. We have exported our products to more than 25 countries worldwide. Our esteemed clientele and their repeat orders are a testimony to our customer service. We are always “happy to help” our customers.


Build a diversified global corporation committed to providing sustainable solutions to all our customers and creating value for all our stakeholders i.e. our Customers, Vendors, Investors, Employees, Government, Communities & Others.


Become the #1 Rubber Company in the Non-Tyre Sector Globally by 2030 by expanding our product range to fulfil the increasing needs of our domestic and international customers with a truly enjoyable, transparent and professional experience.