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Duratuf Fire Resistant Conveyor Belt With Self-Extinguishing Properties

For Quick Prevention Of The Spread Of Fire Duratuf being a top-tier rubber company, takes pride in innovating a premium fire resistant belt with self-extinguishing properties. Unlike many of the manufacturers of non-inflammable conveyor belts, we do not offer an inferior-quality rubber cover that gets instantly affected by naked flame.  Acknowledging the fact that the fabric inserts are highly inflammable, we use special compounds in the protective covers and the skim between the fabric plies of the carcass. If you are worried about conveying inflammable materials for a longer distance, Duratuf promises you a sustainable solution. Our fire resistant conveyor belt specification is highly preferred by the seasoned conveyor belt buyers of the industry.

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FireGuard Fire Resistant Belt

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Duratuf FireGuard Fire Resistant Conveyor Belt Specification

Fire Resistant Test compliance to StandardApplicable StandardsMinimum Tensile Strength (MPa)
Minimum Elongation at Break (%)Maximum Abrasion Loss (mm3)
FR CAN CSA M422 M87 TYPE "C"CAN CSAM422 M87 Type'C'17400175
FR DIN KISO-340-201317400175

Duratuf FireGuard: Non-inflammable Conveyor Belts For Mining Operations

Duratuf Is A Trusted Rubber Company In India And Abroad That Has A Stringent ‘quality-first’ Policy. Our Non-inflammable Conveyor Belts Uplifts The Production Rate And Safety.

Good resistance to flame for Overland applications e.g Coal conveying at Thermal Power Plant

Coal, Washed Coal,Pet Coke etc

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Duratuf Fireuard Fire Resistant Belt

How Is Your Conveyor Belt Fire Resistant?

Conveyor belts cannot be entirely fireproof. The naked flame always has an impact on the rubber cover. The rubber cover wears off every time an inflammable substance is conveyed on it. However, as a top rubber company, Duratuf takes pride in manufacturing a prime fire resistant belt- the Duratuf FireGuard.

In Duratuf FireGuard, the rubber cover is engineered with specialty compounds that emit some gases that extinguish the fire quickly.

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How Does Your Rubber Company Ensure Fire-resistant Conveyor Belt Longevity?

We employ high-quality rubber compounds and advanced manufacturing for durability. Our belts withstand harsh conditions, providing extended service life. Trust in our dedication to quality for robust and long-lasting fire-resistant conveyor belts.

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What Safety Features Differentiate Your Non-inflammable Conveyor Belts, Ensuring Compliance?

Our belts prioritize safety with state-of-the-art flame retardancy, exceeding industry standards. Rigorous testing validates their reliability. Count on our commitment to safety, making our fire-resistant conveyor belts the trusted solution for your operations.

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Can I Get A Sample Of Your Fire-resistant Conveyor Belt Before Making A Purchase?

Certainly! Our rubber company offer samples for testing and evaluation. Contact our sales team, and we’ll be happy to arrange a sample so you can see the quality and performance of our Non-inflammable conveyor belts firsthand.

How Do I Know If Your Fire-resistant Conveyor Belts Are Right For My Business?

Our belts work well in many industries like mining, construction, power etc. If safety is crucial and you need durability, our belts are likely a great fit. Contact us, and we can discuss your specific fire resistant belt needs.

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