Struggling With Your Rubber Heat Resistant Conveyor Belt Having
  • High Heat Resistance But Low Wear Resistance?
  • Frequent Ruptures Due To Splicing Issues?
  • Conveyor Belt Delamination Due To Poor Adhesion?

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Duratuf HeatGuard: Heat Resistant Conveyor Belt Specification

Consistent Conveying at a Constant Temperature

Heat Resistant Rubber Textile Conveyor Belts For The Unforgiving Heat

High temperature makes the rubber cover hard, causes it to crack and hence reduces its life span. Moreover, temperature also has a significant effect on the carcass which is the main part of a conveyor machine. These directly affect your operations as well as your finances. Duratuf HeatGuard Heat Resistant Rubber Textile Conveyor Belts are crafted by analyzing the conveyed material’s application and characteristics.They are thoroughly tested at authorized labs. Many buyers and users end up buying low-grade ‘economy’ rubber heat resistant conveyor belt covers at a relatively lower conveyor belt cost. We understand that money plays an important role in the purchase process. But if you want to buy a premium quality rubber heat resistant conveyor belt at a competitive price, here we are.

Duratuf HeatGuard Rubber Heat Resistant Conveyor Belt Gallery

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Know More About Duratuf HeatGuard Heat Resistant Conveyor Belt

Key Features of Duratuf Heat Resistant Rubber Textile Conveyor Belts


Superior Adhesion

Tested Thickness

Slow Aging

Overall flexibility

Duratuf HeatGuard: Heat Resistant Conveyor Belt Specification

Duratuf Heatguard Heat Resistant Conveyor Belt Specification Is A Result Of Continuous Innovation. Add Value To Your Conveyor Machine With Top-tier Heat Resistant Rubber Textile Conveyor Belts.

Cover GradesApplicable StandardsTemperature ResistanceMinimum Tensile Strength (MPa)Minimum Elongation at Break (%)Max Abrasion Loss (mm3)
HRT 1IS 1891 (Latest) Part 125 °C for lumps & 100°C Fines15 MPa450150
HRT 2IS 1891(Latest) Part 2150 °C for lumps & 125°C for fines15 MPa450150

Seamlessly Convey Molten Metals or Heated Solids

Applications of Duratuf HeatGuard Conveyor Belts

Low and moderate working temperature. Suitable for Lumps & Fine materials.

Foundry Sand, BFSlag, Fly Ash, Coke, Soda Ash etc

High working temperature. Suitable for Lumps & Fine materials

Hot Sinter, Hot pellets, Cement Clinkers, Hot Lime etc

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Duratuf Rubber Heat Resistant Conveyor Belt

How Do I Determine The Appropriate Heat Resistance Level For My Conveyor Belt Needs?

Consider factors in a conveyor machine like these in your facility:

  • Peak temperature of the conveyed material

  • Average material conveyance temperature

  • Material cooling duration

  • Shape, size, and abrasion of the material

  • Conveyance speed of the material

  • Distance the material must travel

You can find some necessary details in our heat resistant conveyor belt specification table. But Our experts can help you better choose the right heat resistance level based on your specific application and requirements.

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Can The Duratuf Heat-resistant Conveyor Belt Also Handle Other Harsh Environmental Conditions?

Absolutely. The Duratuf HeatGuard conveyor belts are designed not only for high temperatures but also to withstand various environmental challenges such as abrasion, chemicals, and heavy loads, providing a versatile solution for demanding industries.

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What Industries Benefit Most From Using Your Heat Resistant Rubber Textile Conveyor Belts?

Having tried and tested heat resistant conveyor belt specification, the Duratuf HeatGuard is suitable for a number of industries. Industries such as steel, foundries, cement, and glass manufacturing find great value in heat-resistant conveyor belts due to their ability to handle extreme temperatures encountered in these processes.

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What Maintenance Practices Are Recommended For Prolonging The Lifespan Of Heat-resistant Conveyor Belts?

Regular maintenance contributes to greater life span of the conveyor machine and the belt carcass. Regular inspections, cleaning, and monitoring of belt tension are essential. Following the manufacturer’s maintenance guidelines and promptly addressing any issues can significantly extend the life of your Rubber Heat resistant conveyor belt .

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