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An electrical mat, natural rubber sheet, or a conveyor belt may sound like everyday rubber products. However, these regular rubber products are the main components in an array of industrial operations.

  • Do you want to be more careful about the electrical accidents happening at your workplace?
  • Are you looking for a natural rubber sheet that could be an effective floor covering?
  • Or, are you searching for conveyor belts that transport the maximum bulk materials with less spillage?

Well, look no further. Committed to innovation, and excellence and ensuring higher profits for your business, Duratuf brings superior electrical rubber mat, rubber sheet, and conveyor belt options for you.
Whether you need help choosing the right voltage class of electrical safety matting or the ideal number of plies in your conveyor belt- we are here. Benefit from 115+ years of collective technical expertise. Our specialists offer end-to-end support.
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At Duratuf, insulating mats are available in IEC 61111 and ASTM D178 variants. These mats come with a 12-month product warranty and they can be extended. The insulating mats can be customized in dimension, color, and texture.

Duratuf Conveyor Belts make business operations easier- whether it involves carrying hot, flammable, abrasive, or oil-containing materials. We can tailor-make the number of plies, dimensions, and more.

Duratuf is one of the very few rubber sheet suppliers in Indonesia offering a wide variety of 16 rubber sheets. From a natural rubber sheet to a silicone rubber sheet- discover everything under one roof.

The Ultimate Safety Upgrade in Indonesia: Duratuf Electrical Mats

Duratuf electrical mats are used in Indonesia’s industrial setups to reduce electrical accidents. Electricity-related risks lurk everywhere in a production area or manufacturing facilities. The operations at these places run on powerful machines running on electricity much more than 440 Volts. Our rubber mats for electrical safety safeguard the workers from current leakage or being electrocuted.
Moreover, our high-voltage rubber mats do not catch fire and can withstand extreme temperature conditions.
The application areas of our ASTM D178 and IEC 61111 electrical mats are:

  • Transformer areas,
  • Switchgear rooms,
  • Power generation plants,
  • Control panels,
  • High voltage testing facilities,
  • Electrical substations,
  • Data Distribution centers, and
  • Areas with exposed electrical wiring or equipment
IEC 61111:2009 Electrical Mat

Our IEC 61111 electrical mat comes in class 0 (1 kV), class 1 (7.5 kV), class 2 (17.0 kV), class 3 (26.5 kV), and class 4 (36.0 kV) from thicknesses 2.0 mm to 5.00 mm. Available in fine-ribbed texture and black color, ensuring foolproof safety and durability.

ASTM D178 Switchboard Mat

The ASTM D178 switchboard mats are compliant with the guidelines set by the American Society for Testing and Materials. They come in Type I (only electrical resistance) and Type II (Ozone, flame, and oil resistance) variants.

Supplying Tough and Long-lasting Conveyor Belts in Indonesia

Duratuf conveyor belts are the preferred choice for transporting and handling bulk materials in Indonesia. Featuring a durable rubber cover, these belts withstand even the toughest conditions, ensuring a longer lifespan. Choose from a variety of options to meet your industrial needs.
Some Indonesian industrial sectors where a conveyor belt is essential are:

  • Mining: Coal, gold, and metal mines.
  • Agriculture: Palm oil processing, sugar plantations, grain handling.
  • Food and Beverage: Seafood processing, bottling plants, snack production.
  • Manufacturing: Automotive assembly, electronics, furniture production.
  • Cement and Construction: Cement plants, aggregate handling, concrete production.
  • Port and Logistics: Cargo handling, warehousing, distribution centers.
  • Paper and Pulp: Pulp mills, paper manufacturing.
  • Textile: Fabric production, garment manufacturing.
  • Pharmaceutical: Medicine production, packaging.
  • Chemical: Fertilizer production, petrochemical plants.

We provide application-based warranties on our conveyor belts.

General Purpose Conveyor Belt

For conveying abrasive materials, available in LiteGuard, Guardian, and MaxGuard types.

HeatGuard Conveyor Belt

Heat-resistant for hot materials like sintered ore, clinker, hot coke, asphalt, or hot cement.

FireGuard Conveyor Belt

Fire-resistant, ideal for inflammable bulk materials like molten slag, coal, clinker, or molten metals.

OilGuard Conveyor Belt

Oil-resistant, perfect for transporting food grains with oil coating or other oily and greasy substances.

Choose from a Large Range of Rubber Sheets in Indonesia

Duratuf rubber sheets can be used for making seals, gaskets, isolators, floor coverings, tank lining, etc. Each variant is tested for hardness and tensile strength, ensuring durability under rigorous conditions. Our high-quality rubber sheet variants have excellent resistance against weathering, chemicals, oils, solvents, and ozone (differs with products). They can withstand the environmental conditions of Indonesia without breaking down. Whether you are looking for a 2 mm rubber sheet, 3 mm rubber sheet, or 5 mm rubber sheet, Duratuf is there to help you. We provide customized sizes and designs to cater to your unique needs!

General Purpose Rubber Sheets

For sealing, cushioning, and protecting various applications.

Abrasion Resistant Rubber Sheets

Tough enough to handle demanding jobs.

Rubber Sheets

Exceptional air and gas tightness.

EPDM Waterproofing Membrane

Single-ply solution for leak-free roofs and foundations.

Food Grade
Rubber Sheets

FDA-approved, hygienic, and non-toxic for food prep and processing.

Rubber Sheets

Favored by Indonesian roofers, for protection against strong sun and heavy rain.

Rubber Sheets

Superior elasticity, resilience, and eco-friendly performance.

Rubber Sheet

Resistance to chemicals, weather, and heat.

Rubber Sheets

Available with cotton and nylon insertions.

Rubber Sheets

Extreme heat and chemical resilience for peak performance.

Pulley Lagging
Rubber Sheets

Enhanced traction for conveyor systems.

Shot Blasting
Rubber Sheet

Protection against tough impacts.

Rubber Sheets

Confidence in tackling oil, grease, and wear.

Rubber Sheets

Defense against oils, chemicals, and wear.

Skirt Board
Rubber Sheets

Dust control and material handling efficiency.

Rubber Sheet

Heat and chemical resistance in extreme environments.

Industry Certifications and Memberships

Our commitment to quality is non-negotiable. This is why you will find us and our products have relevant certifications and registrations from an affiliated governing body.

Local Regulations & Shipping Information for Indonesia

Compliance with Indonesia’s Quality Guidelines  

 Our electrical mats, switchboard mats, conveyor belts, and rubber sheets comply with Indonesia’s stringent quality and safety standards, including:

  • IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission): Adhering to global electrical safety standards.
  • ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials): Following international testing protocols.
  • OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration): Meeting workplace safety requirements.
  • HSE (Health, Safety, and Environment): Aligning with environmental and safety regulations.

For full compliance details tailored to Indonesian regulations, please consult our experts.

Shipping Details to Indonesia  

  • Shipping Costs: Dependent on the item, its thickness, total quantity, and volume (CBM), influenced by pallet sizes. Costs also depend on the destination port, sea freight charges, and other incidental expenses specific to Indonesia.
  • Order Processing Time: Typically, for 0-300 sq. meters, the lead time is 3-4 weeks; for 300-700 sq. meters, it’s 4-6 weeks; and above that, 6-8 weeks, depending on the quantity (for insulating mats). For rubber sheets and conveyor belt lead times, connect with our experts.Shipping Carriers and Methods:

Carriers are provided by the freight forwarder.

  • Ex-Works: Buyer organizes transportation from our facility. Goods are prepared for pickup at our location.
  • FOB (Free on Board): We arrange transportation to the specified port, with the buyer assuming responsibility from that point.
  • CIF (Cost, Insurance, and Freight): We handle transportation and insurance costs until the goods reach the destination port. The buyer is responsible for unloading and additional transportation costs beyond the destination port.

Select the port of your preference in Indonesia. We commonly send our industrial rubber products through the Port of Tanjung Priok. Other ports like the Port of Surabaya can also be arranged depending on your requirements.

We can also ship products by air. The airports in Indonesia where we have transported our products include Soekarno-Hatta International Airport (CGK) and Juanda International Airport (SUB).

With our experienced supply chain management team and technologically efficient LMAs, we can arrange transportation according to your requirements. Please get in touch with our team for details.

Delivery Speed: Delivery speed depends on the destination within Indonesia.

Got Questions? Explore Our FAQs For Answers To Common Queries From Customers.


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‘The IEC 61111 certified electrical mats from Duratuf are vital for our workers’ safety. The quality is exceptional, and the delivery arrived on time. Now our team can work with peace of mind!’

Bayu Setiawan

Jakarta, Electronics Factory

‘The natural rubber sheets from Duratuf are perfect for our warehouse floors. They’re durable, easy to clean, and ideal for handling. The delivery was also very fast!’

Dewi Puspita

Bandung, Food Industry

‘We bought neoprene rubber sheets from Duratuf. They are a game-changer in our factory. They resist harsh chemicals and oil, offering excellent protection.’

Andre Wijaya

Surabaya, Chemical Plant

‘We’re very impressed with both conveyor belts offered by you. LiteGuard is excellent for lighter items, and MaxGuard handles heavy loads perfectly. I loved how your team was so helpful!’

Intan Sari

Medan, Logistics Company

‘We’ve partnered with your company for years, and we’re consistently impressed by your reliable delivery times. Your products are high-quality, from electrical mats to conveyor belts. Of course, you are a fantastic business partner!’

Made Putra

Bali, Industrial Equipment Distributor

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