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Duratuf is the top-rated rubber product manufacturer in Israel. Our renowned products comprise electrical insulation rubber mat, rubber sheet, and conveyor belt. We aim to deliver the best quality products with seamless customer experience.

  • Are you looking for IEC 61111 compliant rubber insulation sheet?
  • Is your conveyor belt system abrasion-resistant?
  • Are you facing repetitive downtime with your current conveyor belt system?

Duratuf’s core belief is to provide you with the best customer experience by catering to your industrial needs. We have seven warehouses across the globe and local channel partners to ensure ready stock and faster delivery of products. Numerous industries in Israel rely on our industrial rubber products.

Purchase high-quality IEC 61111 and ASTM D178 electrical insulated mats with faster shipping and delivery processes

Get guaranteed conveyor belt for efficient transportation of materials in your industry

Need a butyl rubber sheet for application in extreme temperature conditions?

Safety-Compliant Duratuf Electrical Insulation Mat in Israel

Increase the electrical safety of your workplace by installing an electrical insulation rubber mat. Our electrical safety matting is the best safety equipment for protection against the devastating consequences of electric hazards. Duratuf is considered to be the best-insulated rubber mat manufacturer in the world. We offer the best insulating mats for electrical purposes having unique physical and chemical properties, also. Duratuf’s rubber insulation sheet abides by the electrical mats safety standards. We provide an electrical mat that has high dielectric strength and impeccable voltage-resisting properties.

IEC 61111:2009 Insulation Rubber Mat

The IEC 61111:2009 electrical safety matting complies with the standard made by the International Electro-technical Commission. It is an efficient gear for enhancing protection against excessive currents resulting from short circuits and arc flashes. Insulating mats for electrical purpose are classified into Classes 0 to 4 depending on the maximum voltages each class can withstand.

ASTM D178 Insulation Rubber Mat

ASTM D178 standard of electrical rubber mat is set by the American Standard for Testing and Materials. It is installed in industries working with high voltages to protect workers from electric shock. An ASTM D178-compliant rubber insulation sheet can be of Class 0, Class 1, Class 2, Class 3, and Class 4. It has two types, Type I and Type II but they have different voltage resisting properties.

High-Quality Duratuf Rubber Conveyor Belt in Israel

Duratuf’s conveyor belts have a variety of applications in different industries ranging from food processing to the automotive industries. The food processing industry uses food conveyor belt. We provide different types of conveyor belts along with the opportunity of customization to meet your unique industrial needs. Being the best conveyor belt company we aim to provide the best customer experience along with high-quality products. We also manufacture customer conveyor belt to meet your industrial needs.
To check out the conveyor belt price, reach out to us now!

General Purpose Conveyor Belt

Duratuf provides a variety of industrial conveyor belts like HeatGuard Conveyor Belt, FireGuard Conveyor Belt, and OilGuard Conveyor Belt. These are used in various industries in Israel for their phenomenal durability and longevity.

HeatGuard Conveyor Belt

Duratuf’s HeatGuard Conveyor Belt has high heat-resisting properties. In summer, heat waves are predominant in Israel. Industries working in high-temperature demand for a heat resistant conveyor belt. These industrial needs are catered to by the HeatGuard Conveyor Belt.

FireGuard Conveyor Belt

Duratuf’s FireGuard Conveyor belt has exceptional flame retardance properties. When a high-voltage electrical equipment comes in contact with water due to water leakage, there might be a fire outbreak. Being the leading conveyor belt company, we ensure to provide a high-quality industrial conveyor belt having high flame resistance. A FireGuard conveyor belt resists the starting of fire.

OilGuard Conveyor Belt

Duratuf’s OilGuard Conveyor Belt is composed of rubber compounds that have impeccable resistance against oil. Duratuf leads among the conveyor belt suppliers and they ensure that the performance and properties of the industrial conveyor belt do not deteriorate built with special rubber compounds that do not affect the exposure to oil.

Duratuf Industrial Rubber Sheets in Israel

Duratuf’s industrial rubber sheets have top-notch resilience, chemical resistance, and flexibility. Duratuf’s industrial rubber sheet is used for a variety of sealing applications in different industries. We have 16 types of rubber sheets starting from an EPDM rubber sheet to fire resistant rubber sheet. Starting from aerospace to automotive industries, these rubber sheets are renowned in Israel for their durability and seamless performance. Duratuf manufactures premium polyurethane rubber sheet that has high durability and longevity. We are as globally acknowledged to be the best among all the EPDM rubber sheet suppliers. Our EPDM rubber sheet has extraordinary resistance against extreme climate conditions. If you are looking for high temperature silicone rubber sheet, Duratuf is the best choice for you. Check out our silicone rubber sheet price and choose the one you need for your industry!

General Purpose Rubber Sheets

A robust and dependable option for flooring and more

Abrasion Resistant Rubber Sheets

Exceptional rubber sheet tailored for rigorous and demanding applications

Rubber Sheets

Prevent water leakage and combat harsh conditions with butyl rubber sheet

EPDM Waterproofing Membrane

Establish efficient roofing solutions with anti-leakage

Food Grade
Rubber Sheets

For hygienic conditions in food processing industries

Rubber Sheets

Durable lining of industrial tanks with our EPDM rubber sheet

Rubber Sheets

Environment friendly, offering exceptional performance

Rubber Sheet

Operate confidently with Duratuf Hypalon Rubber Sheets

Rubber Sheets

Sturdy reinforcement for challenging heavy-duty applications

Rubber Sheets

Enhance industrial performance with highly flexible silicone rubber sheet

Pulley Lagging
Rubber Sheets

Escalate the protection of pulley and conveyor system

Shot Blasting
Rubber Sheet

Safeguard abrasive equipment with our ideal shot blasting rubber sheet

Rubber Sheets

Guarantee shock absorption and vibration with premium neoprene rubber sheet

Rubber Sheets

Get 100% chemical resistance with nitrile rubber sheet

Skirt Board
Rubber Sheets

Establish seamless conveyor belt system with our skirtboard rubber sheet

Rubber Sheet

Elevate your performance with Duratuf’s heat resistant Viton rubber sheets

Industry Certifications and Memberships

Our commitment to quality is non-negotiable. This is why you will find us and our products have relevant certifications and registrations from an affiliated governing body.

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We cater to an extensive portfolio of insulating mat, rubber sheet, and conveyor belt clients. Take a look at what they have to say about our products and services: Chosen by Industry Leaders and Top Professionals

‘Since implementing Duratuf’s insulating mats in our shipyard at Aqaba, we’ve seen a remarkable 40% reduction in electrical incidents. The mats provide excellent insulation for our workers, creating a safer work environment. Additionally, the improved comfort has led to a 15% increase in worker productivity. We highly recommend Duratuf IEC 61111 insulating mats to any company prioritizing safety and efficiency.’

Omar Hassan

Safety Manager, (Aqaba, Jordan)

‘At our copper mining operation, harsh weather conditions were taking a toll on our equipment. Duratuf’s EPDM rubber sheets have been a game-changer! Their exceptional resistance to moisture and extreme temperatures has significantly extended the lifespan of our machinery by an estimated 32%. The easy-to-clean surface also minimizes maintenance needs, saving us valuable time and resources. We’re impressed with Duratuf’s quality and appreciate their prompt customer service.’

Aisha Mohammed

Operations Manager, Egypt

‘In our bustling cement factory in Algeria, keeping production lines running smoothly was becoming challenging. Duratuf’s conveyor belts have been instrumental in boosting our efficiency. Their superior strength and resistance to wear and tear have minimized belt failures. Additionally, the smooth surface ensures optimal material flow, contributing to an increase in overall production output. Duratuf’s belts are a reliable investment that keeps our operations running smoothly and reduces costs.’

Khalid Hussein

Production Director, Cement Factory (Algeria)

‘We ordered conveyor belts from Duratuf Products Pvt Ltd. We needed a rubber cover that was durable enough to transport iron ore from the mines. I was impressed when the technical specialist explained me about their product step-by-step. This was the moment I knew that what Duratuf claims is not superficial. They are actually good. Thumbs up to the team, especially Mr. Tapa.’



‘Duratuf IEC 61111 electrical mat, saved one of my workers from electric shock. I am amazed to find that after using them, electrical accidents have truly reduced at our factory. You can tell from touching the product that it is actually good. Place the sample they send on the floor and you will see that they do not skid easily. Thank you Duratuf. Going to order from them soon!’

Ali Osman


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