Looking For Rubber Sheets?

Worried About Water & Ozone Resistance?
Fearing Tolerance To Extreme Temperatures?
Afraid Of Purchasing Sheets With Limited Warranty?
Unable To Choose The Right Manufacturer?
Scared Of Potential Loss Due To Recurring Costs?
Want To Increase Profits & ROI From Rubber Sheets?

Over 2000 Customers Have Reaped Profits By Using DURATUF Rubber Sheets.We Shall Be Glad To Help You Too!


Looking For Insulating Mats?

Worried About Electrical Safety Of Workmen?
Fearing Failure Of Safety Audit Compliances?
Scared Of Potential Loss Due To Recurring Costs?
Afraid Of Purchasing Mats With Limited Warranty?
Unable To Choose The Right Manufacturer?
Want To Increase Profits & ROI From Electrical Mats?

DURATUF Has Sold 235749 Sq.Mtrs Of Insulating Mats To 2000+ Satisfied Customers. We Can Help You Too!


Looking for Cow Mats?

Are Cows suffering Limb Injuries/Mastitis?
Medical Expenses increasing day by day?
Want to increase Cows Milk Production?  
Struggling to increase your profits?
Troubled by the existing cow mats?
Confused to choose the Best Cow Mat?

Duratuf has helped 1000's of Dairy Farmers with the Best Cow Mats Solution and we can help you too!

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Insulating Mats

Investing in premium grade electrical safety mats offer long term benefits including clearance of safety audits, enhanced protection of workers at high voltage stations, anti-skid properties, chemical resistance and more.

Investing in poor quality electrical safety mats lead to consequences such as failing safety audit checks and the risk of accidental fire breakouts.

How To Avoid Penalties?

Cow Mats

Installing superior grade cow mats made of EVA with anti-skid technology, drainage channels, floor insulation and more helps dairy farm owners reduce medical expenses and increase profits while enjoying maximum Return on Investments(ROI).

Purchasing local cow mats may result in 100% loss with recurring investment costs.

How To Prevent Loss?

Rubber Sheets

It’s essential to invest in superior grade rubber sheets offering high tensile strength, excellent resistance to extreme temperatures, UV & ozone resistance and more.

Buying poor quality products shall lead to risking processes associated with its applications. In no time you may have to think of re-investments.

How To Choose Best Rubber Sheets?

DURATUF specializes in 53+ rubber products including electrical insulation mats, cow mats, rubber sheets and various other rubber & PVC products. Duratuf is all about the ‘durability’ and ‘toughness’ of its products and services. In the last 11 years, Duratuf has helped over 2000 customers across 37+ countries around the globe with cost-effective solutions to help increase their profits. We constantly strive to offer you impeccable solutions by upgrading our products and services.

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