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  • Tired of a lengthy purchase process or delayed delivery?
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What if we say that we can solve all of your problems? Yes, Duratuf has been a trusted supplier and exporter of electrical mat, rubber sheet, and conveyor belt in 52+ countries. We have catered to the industrial requirements of more than 3655 customers.
Whether you want to uplift electrical safety at your workplace with a certified rubber insulation sheet or need an EPDM rubber sheet for weatherproofing- we are here. Committed to making your business operations better, we offer quality-checked products. Having 7 warehouses all over the world, we take pride when it comes to meeting delivery deadlines. Moreover, all our products are of the highest quality.
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Duratuf supplies IEC 61111 insulation mat and ASTM D178 switchboard mat in and around Mexico. Our electrical mats are used in power stations, marine applications, mining operations, aerospace applications, and more.

Duratuf’s superior rubber conveyor belt cover can withstand the harsh Mexican weather. Chosen as a trusted conveying mode in bulk materials handling- you can find our conveyor belts in various types.

From an EPDM rubber sheet to a silicone rubber sheet- explore 16 variants of rubber sheets under one roof at Duratuf. Your benefit? No need to visit various places with our versatile requirements.

Warranty-covered and Quality Certified Insulation Rubber Mat in Mexico

An electrical insulation mat protects the workers from electricity-related accidents by controlling the flow of electricity. Made of high-grade elastomer, Duratuf electrical mats have a proven dielectric strength. Therefore, when a worker operates a high-voltage machine standing on them, the mat channelizes the current (in case of a leakage) to the ground.
Duratuf insulation mats are suitable for both industrial and commercial places in Mexico. Their practical applications include usage in:

  • Switchgear rooms,
  • Control panels,
  • Transformer areas,
  • High voltage testing facilities,
  • Electrical substations,
  • Power generation plants,
  • Distribution centers, and
    Any area where there’s a risk of electrical shock from exposed conductors or grounded equipment.

Apart from a standard dimension of the Duratuf electrical mats, we offer customization facilities. The mats come with a 12-month warranty- with an extendable option.
Take a look at our insulation rubber mats:

IEC 61111:2009 Electrical Mat

Our IEC 61111 electrical mat comes in class 0 (1 kV), class 1(7.5 kV), class 2 (17.0 kV), class 3 (26.5 kV), and class 4 (36.0 kV) from thicknesses 2.0 mm to 5.00 mm. You will get these electrical mats in fine-ribbed texture and black color.

ASTM D178 Switchboard Mat

The ASTM D178 switchboard mat is typically the best seller in the Amercian regions as it complies specifically with the American Society for Testing and Materials. These are also available in classes 0, 1, 2, 3 and 4. These are thicker than the IEC mats (minimum thickness is 3.2 mm).

Durable Conveyor Belt Range in Mexico For a Wide Range of Business Applications

Duratuf conveyor belts are chosen over any other mode of transporting and handling bulk materials. These conveyor belts have a durable rubber cover that can withstand even the toughest of conditions. As a result, they automatically have a longer life span.
The best part of choosing us for your conveyor belt requirements is that- you will find many options with us. With such varieties, you will not have to compromise with your industrial necessities. We offer an application-based warranty on our industrial conveyor belt range. We also have technical experts who can guide you to your ideal conveyor belt. Discover the full range here:

General Purpose Conveyor Belt

Our General Purpose Conveyor Belt is for conveying abrasive materials. It comes in 3 types for 3 levels of abrasive materials- LiteGuard, Guardian, and MaxGuard

HeatGuard Conveyor Belt

These are heat resistant conveyor belts for conveying hot materials like sintered ore, clinker, hot coke, asphalt, or hot cement.

FireGuard Conveyor Belt

FireGuard is a fire resistant conveyor belt ideal for transporting inflammable bulk materials like molten slag, coal, clinker, or molten metals. These have a self-extinguishable property.

OilGuard Conveyor Belt

If you are looking for an oil resistant conveyor belt, here you go. The Duratuf OilGuard has a protective cover that does not disintegrate while transporting food grains with oil coating or other oily and greasy substances.

Superior Rubber Sheet Variants for Your Business in Mexico

A Duratuf rubber sheet can be used to make seals, gaskets, isolators, floor coverings, tank lining, etc. Each variant has a practically tested hardness and tensile strength. Hence, you do not have to worry about quick wear and tear of the rubber sheets under rigorously. Our EPDM rubber sheet is the Mexican roofer’s favorite. They protect the roofing of residential and commercial buildings from natural calamities like strong sun or heavy rain. Know more about all the 16 types of rubber sheets that we offer:

General Purpose Rubber Sheets

For sealing, cushioning, and protecting various applications

Abrasion Resistant Rubber Sheets

Tough enough to handle the wear and tear of demanding jobs

Rubber Sheets

Offering exceptional air and gas tightness

EPDM Waterproofing Membrane

Specifically used in flat roofs and all other types of roofing purposes

Food Grade
Rubber Sheets

Hygienic, non-toxic surface for food prep and processing

Rubber Sheets

Your all-weather, all-purpose solution for sealing, gasketing and lining

Rubber Sheets

Superior elasticity, resilience, and eco-friendly performance

Rubber Sheet

Unmatched resistance to chemicals, weather, and heat

Rubber Sheets

Available with cotton and nylon insertions

Rubber Sheets

With extreme heat, chemical resilience – get peak performance

Pulley Lagging
Rubber Sheets

Enhanced traction for robust conveyor systems

Shot Blasting
Rubber Sheet

Blasting protection built to endure the toughest impacts

Rubber Sheets

Tackle oil, grease, and wear & tear with confidence

Rubber Sheets

Impenetrable defense against oils, chemicals, and wear

Skirt Board
Rubber Sheets

Dust control and material handling efficiency guaranteed

Rubber Sheet

Unmatched heat & chemical resistance in extreme environments

Industry Certifications and Memberships

Our commitment to quality is non-negotiable. This is why you will find us and our products have relevant certifications and registrations from an affiliated governing body.

Local Regulations & Shipping Information for Mexico

Compliance with Mexico’s Quality Guidelines
Our electrical mats, switchboard mats, conveyor belts, and rubber sheets meet the strictest global standards (IEC, ASTM, OSHA, HSE). For full compliance details tailored to Mexico, please consult our experts.
Shipping Details to Mexico
Shipping costs: These factors vary depending on the item, its thickness, total quantity, and volume (CBM), influenced by pallet sizes. Additionally, costs are contingent upon the destination port, sea freight charges, and other incidental expenses specific to Mexico.
Order processing time: Depends on the quantity and item ordered. Typically, for 0-300 sq. meters, the lead time is 3-4 weeks; for 300-700 sq. meters, it’s 4-6 weeks; and above that, 6-8 weeks, depending on the quantity (for insulating mats). For rubber sheets and conveyor belt lead times, connect with our experts.
Shipping carriers and methods: Carriers are provided by the freight forwarder.

  • Ex-Works: With this option, the buyer organizes transportation from our facility. The goods, such as electrical mats, rubber sheets, or conveyor belts, will be ready for pickup at our location.
  • FOB (Free on Board): Under FOB terms, we arrange transportation to the specified port, and the buyer assumes responsibility for the shipment from that point onward. This option is commonly used for sea freight.
  • CIF (Cost, Insurance, and Freight): With CIF, we handle transportation to the specified port and also cover insurance costs until the goods reach the destination port. The buyer is responsible for unloading and any additional transportation costs beyond the destination port.

You can select the port of your preference. In Mexico, we commonly send our industrial rubber products through the Port of Veracruz. Other ports like the Port of Manzanillo can also be arranged depending on your requirements.
We can also ship the products by air. The airports in Mexico where we have transported our products include Mexico City International Airport (MEX) and Guadalajara International Airport (GDL).
With our experienced supply chain management team and technologically efficient LMAs, we can arrange for transportation according to your requirements. Please get in touch with our team for details.
Delivery Speed: Delivery speed depends on the destination within Mexico.

Got Questions? Explore Our FAQs For Answers To Common Queries From Customers.


We cater to an extensive portfolio of insulating mat, rubber sheet, and conveyor belt clients. Take a look at what they have to say about our products and services: Chosen by Industry Leaders and Top Professionals

‘Since installing the Duratuf IEC 61111 electrical mats in our auto plant, worker safety has improved dramatically. The quality is excellent, and the peace of mind they provide is priceless!’

Juan Rodriguez

Querétaro, Auto Plant

‘Duratuf EPDM rubber sheets have been a blessing for our pharmaceutical lab. They’re durable, easy to clean, and perfect for working with light chemicals. We couldn’t be happier!’

Gabriela Hernandez

Mexico City, Pharmaceutical Industry

‘Duratuf Silicone rubber sheets are a key element in our textile production. They withstand the extreme heat of our machines and are flexible enough to adapt to uneven surfaces. A fantastic investment!’

Pedro Diaz

Monterrey, Textile Factory

‘Fireguard conveyor belts from Duratuf are essential for maintaining safety in our metal processing plant. We stay worry-free knowing we’re protected in case of fires. An excellent decision!’

Isabella Ramirez

Guadalajara, Food Processing Plant

‘Overall, I’m very satisfied with Duratuf as my supplier of industrial rubber products. They offer a wide variety of high-quality rubber products, from electrical mats to conveyor belts. Their customer service is also exceptional. I highly recommend them!’

Miguel Lopez

Tijuana, Repeat Customer

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