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  • Are you frustrated with inferior-grade rubber sheets that wear or tear quickly?
  • Is the electrical safety at your workplace at risk due to faulty electrical mats?
  • Has conveying bulk materials in your industrial facility become a headache for you?

We can fix these with our industrial rubber products- innovative especially for UK factories.
Made of high-grade rubber and selective compounds Duratuf industrial rubber products have an unparalleled quality. Most of our products like insulation rubber mat, a majority of Duratuf rubber sheets and conveyor belts fit the UK’s unique climate and environmental conditions.
We can customize them for all kinds of business needs. Moreover, if you need any technical guidance regarding our products, we are here for you.
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We offer IEC 61111: 2009 and ASTM D178 electrical mats to keep UK’s workplaces free from electrical hazards

Worried about transporting bulk materials during spells of rain or extreme cold? Try our rubber conveyor belt options

Duratuf provides you with an easy buying experience as you get to choose from 16 rubber sheet variants under one roof

Regulation-Ready Duratuf Insulation Rubber Mat for UK Businesses

Electrical safety is a serious aspect to attend to. Electrical accidents like electrocution, current leakage, short circuits or electrical fires cause loss of lives and assets. Now, no more! Enjoy uninterrupted operations with IEC 61111:2009 and ASTM D178 electrical mats.
Duratuf insulated rubber mats for electrical panels have a superior combination of materials- elastomer plus electricity-resistant compounds. They are compliant with safety guidelines as described in the ASTM and IEC standards. Hence, they fully adhere to the HSE or OSHA laws that talk about worker safety at the workplace, as well. We also offer electrical mat customizations to suit your business preferences. If you are looking for a trustworthy electrical insulation mat supplier near you, connect with us now!

IEC 61111: 2009 insulation rubber mat

The IEC electrical mats are globally accepted as safety equipment in workplaces. These mats are available from class 0 to 4 in fine-ribbed texture. They are colour-coded for easy identification.

ASTM D178 Switchboard rubber mat

The ASTM D178 is commonly accepted in the USA and adjacent regions. They come in type I and type II options, from class 0 to 4, in black colour and fine-ribbed texture.

Trust Duratuf Conveyor Belts for High-ROI Solutions for UK Facilities

The Duratuf conveyor belts are quicker than a fleet of mining trucks. They are easy to install and maintain, also. Our rubber conveyor belt is highly prized in core industries. They avidly find their applications in mining, manufacturing, construction, cement production, iron, steel, metal refineries, recycling plants etc. Our belts ensure durability, efficiency, and reduced downtime, boosting your business productivity. Compliant with local regulations, Duratuf conveyor belts are a practical investment to drive your business growth and profitability. Looking for our conveyor belt price? Reach out today!

General Purpose Conveyor Belt

You get three options under our general purpose conveyor belt category: LiteGuard (for conveying slightly abrasive materials), Guardian (for conveying moderate abrasive materials) and MaxGuard (for conveying very abrasive materials).

HeatGuard Conveyor Belt

HeatGuard minimizes wear and maximizes efficiency, offering a reliable and high-ROI solution. It is ideal for mining, refineries and metal processing units.

FireGuard Conveyor Belt

FireGuard Conveyor Belts by Duratuf are designed for fire-prone environments, offering exceptional flame resistance and safety. Ideal for mining, chemical, and other high-risk industries.

OilGuard Conveyor Belt

OilGuard Conveyor Belts by Duratuf are specially designed to resist oil and grease, ensuring durability and long-lasting performance in oily environments. Perfect for food processing, recycling, and automotive industries.

Find Durable and quality-assured Rubber Sheets in the UK

Duratuf Rubber Sheets are essential across numerous industries in the UK. Widely utilized for flooring, gasket and seal making, and weatherproofing in local factories, our rubber sheets are renowned for their versatility. Our EPDM rubber sheet is also a favourite among the roofers. We provide rubber sheets in various thicknesses like 2 mm or 3 mm rubber sheets. If you are looking for rubber sheet customizations, we can do that too. Customers choose Duratuf for our extensive range, competitive pricing, and customization options. Need a 4mm rubber sheet? Let us know your specific requirements!

General Purpose Rubber Sheets

Robust and reliable choice for flooring and beyond

Abrasion Resistant Rubber Sheets

Ideal for rigorous and demanding applications

Rubber Sheets

Effectively prevents leaks and endures extreme conditions

EPDM Waterproofing Membrane

For protecting flat roofs, rubber roofs and more from water leakage etc

Food Grade
Rubber Sheets

Non-toxic and hygienic FDA-certified rubber sheets

Rubber Sheets

Used to line industrial tanks, artificial water features etc

Rubber Sheets

Bio-degradable rubber sheets made of natural rubber

Rubber Sheet

Durable, chemical-resistant solutions for roofing, sealing, lining

Rubber Sheets

Comes in two varieties: nylon and cotton textile insertion

Rubber Sheets

Withstands high temperatures and maintains flexibility

Pulley Lagging
Rubber Sheets

Protects the conveyor pulleys from constant friction

Shot Blasting
Rubber Sheet

High-performance rubber sheet for precision shot/ sand blasting

Rubber Sheets

Flexible, durable, insulating, versatile and weather-resistant choice

Rubber Sheets

Industrial-grade, versatile and provides durable shielding against chemicals

Skirt Board
Rubber Sheets

Keeps the conveyor belt system running seamlessly

Rubber Sheet

The supreme choice for the harshest chemicals and highest temperature uses

Industry Certifications and Memberships

Our commitment to quality is non-negotiable. This is why you will find us and our products have relevant certifications and registrations from an affiliated governing body.

Local regulations & Shipping information

Compliance with the UK quality guidelines
Our IEC 61111 electrical mats meet HSE standards and are globally applicable. Similarly, Duratuf ASTM D178 switchboard mats adhere to OSHA safety regulations. Same with the conveyor belt types and the rubber sheets that are tested according to global testing standards.
If you want to have a detailed discussion about how our products are industry-compliant, please connect with the experts.

Shipping details to the UK
Shipping costs: These factors vary depending on the item, its thickness, total quantity, and volume (CBM), influenced by pallet sizes. Additionally, they are contingent upon the destination port, sea freight charges, and other incidental expenses specific to the country or destination.
Order processing time: Depends on Qty and item ordered. Typically, for 0-300 sq. meters, 3-4 weeks is the lead time, for 300-700 sq. meters, it’s 4-6 weeks, and above that, 6-8 weeks depending on the qty. (For Insulating Mats). For rubber sheets and conveyor belt lead times, connect with our experts.
Shipping carriers and methods: Carriers are provided by the freight forwarder.

  • Ex-Works: With this option, the buyer organizes transportation from our facility. The goods, such as electrical mats, rubber sheets, or conveyor belts, will be ready for pickup at our location.
  • FOB (Free on Board): Under FOB terms, we arrange transportation to the specified port, and the buyer assumes responsibility for the shipment from that point onward. This option is commonly used for sea freight.
  • CIF (Cost, Insurance, and Freight): With CIF, we handle transportation to the specified port and also cover insurance costs until the goods reach the destination port. The buyer is responsible for unloading and any additional transportation costs beyond the destination port.

You can select the port of your preference. Some common ports in the UK through which we send our industrial rubber products are Southampton, Felixstowe, London Gateway, Liverpool, Immingham etc.
We can also ship the products through air. Some airports in the UK where we have transported our products are Heathrow Airport (LHR), London Stansted Airport (STN), Manchester Airport (MAN), Birmingham Airport (BHX), and East Midlands Airport (EMA).
However, having an experienced supply chain management team and technologically efficient LMAs, we can arrange for transportation according to your requirements. Please get in touch with our team for details.
Delivery speed: Depends on the destination.

Got Questions? Explore Our FAQs For Answers To Common Queries From Customers.


We cater to an extensive portfolio of insulating mat, rubber sheet, and conveyor belt clients. Take a look at what they have to say about our products and services: Chosen by Industry Leaders and Top Professionals

‘The IEC 61111 electrical mats have been a lifesaver in our workshop. They make us complete stressless knowing our engineers are safe when working with live equipment. Top marks!’

Sarah Jones

Manchester, Engineering Workshop

‘Silicone rubber sheets from Duratuf are a game-changer in our industrial rubber seal making company They’re incredibly durable, easy to clean, and withstand the high temperatures perfectly. Couldn’t ask for a better product.’

David Davies

Birmingham, Food Production Plant

‘Your EPDM rubber sheets have become our go-to solution for flat roofs. They’re weatherproof, long-lasting, and simple to install. Makes our job a lot easier, and keeps our customers happy.’

Emily Walker

London, Roofing Contractor

‘The heat resistant conveyor belts are absolute workhorses. They handle the extreme temperatures of our steel production with ease, minimising downtime and keeping things running smoothly.’

Michael Thompson

Glasgow, Steelworks

‘We’ve been partnering with Duratuf for 3 years now, and their reliability is unmatched. They offer a fantastic range of high-quality rubber products, from electrical mats to conveyor belts. We highly recommend them to any business in need of industrial rubber solutions.’

Catherine Wilson

Edinburgh, Industrial Supplies Distributor

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