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Commercial Rubber Sheet

Commonly referred to as CRS in the industrial circle, Duratuf Commercial Rubber Sheet is a name to be reckoned with primarily because of its affordability and usefulness in multiple purposes. As a result of its economical costs, these black rubber sheets are a favorite across various industries. It is usually a proportional blend of synthetic and natural rubber.
Apart from the above mentioned features, Duratuf, being one of the most popular Commercial Rubber Sheet Manufacturer in the world, also uses certain prime polymers along with chemicals, which enhances its multi purposeness. Using compression molding and rotary curing machines they are cured to be made available with an overall smooth finish, with or without any kind of insertion material being used.

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Duratuf Commercial Rubber Sheet

Features & Benefits

Duratuf Commercial Rubber Sheet is manufactured as per the best available specifications to maintain low costing while maintaining its flexibility and durability.

For complete specification please download the technical data sheet from the “Download” button below or click here.

In case your requirement doesn’t match our specification please contact our sales team to check for available custom grades/customization options.

Duratuf Commercial Rubber Sheet has been designed for use as a general purpose, strip, pad, lining or gasket and is mainly used for Sealing, Insulating, Isolating and Protecting, steel or other surfaces. It can be used in a wide range of applications including:


> Flange gaskets on pipes and tanks
> Insulating strip
> Isolation barriers
> Dust seals and covers
> General purpose sealing applications


What is the standard size and tolerance level of your Commercial Rubber Sheet?

Duratuf, being one of the most popular Commercial Rubber Sheet Manufacturer in the world, produces sheets of various sizes and tolerance levels. However, our standard sizes are 1.2M wide and 10M Long for thickness upto 10mm and 2.4M/5.0M Long for thickness upto 50mm. The standard tolerance is ±10% on thickness, ±2% on width, and ±5% on length.

What is the MOQ for Commercial Rubber Sheets?

Our Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) is 1 roll for the Commercial Rubber Sheets.

From where can I get authentic Duratuf products?

Our supplies are available throughout the country, and we export our products to countries spanning five different continents as well.

What if I am getting a better offer from other Commercial Rubber Sheet Suppliers?

Although we claim to be one of the top Commercial Rubber Sheet Manufacturer in the world, we have never stated that our products are the cheapest. What we do claim however is the fact that we never compromise on our quality. Therefore, we take this opportunity to request you to try out our products to feel the difference.

What are some of the special services and customisation options that your company provides?

Custom formulations | Fabric and Smooth Surface Finish | Sheet Cutting | Hole Punching | Talc Free | Color Customisation | Stencilling | Customised Dimensions | Customised Tolerance.

Is a Test Certificate available with your Commercial Rubber Sheet?

Yes, as long as you purchase from authorised Commercial Rubber Sheet stores you will get a Test Certificate with your material, both against the physical properties and if applicable against the chemical properties as well.

What is the warranty given by your company?

Our company provides free replacement warranty in case of a manufacturing defect for 3 months for Commercial Grade Rubber Sheets from the invoice date.

What is the average price of your rubber sheets?

Well, it depends, but overall our pricing model is very nominal so that everyone purchase them.

What about the standard packaging of these rubber sheets?

The sheets are packed in rolls with an inner layer of PP (Polypropylene-Polypropylene) and an external layer of High-Density Polyethylene) or HDPE

Are they available in more than one color?

Of course they are available in more than one color. But you have to mention it while placing your order. Otherwise you will get black colour.

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