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Picture of X-Volt Electrical Insulating Mat in black colour

X-Volt Electrical Insulating Mats (IS 15652:2006)

Duratuf Products offers Electrical Insulating Mats that have BIS marking upon the products. These mats are usually utilized to cover the flooring below control panels. These high voltage insulating mattings are manufactured according to the latest Indian Standard (IS 15652:2006) for electrical insulation. These safety products are mainly utilized for the safety of workers during the installation & operation of electrical equipment due to the possibility of current leakage. The ISI Marked Insulating Mats are manufactured by using elastomer (precisely PVC Compound) all along with anti-skid deviations (i.e. small dots) upon the top for avoiding slippage. It’s available in 2mm, 2.5mm and even 3.0mm thickness, depending on the work/usage voltage. The IS 15652 electrical rubber mat price list also varies accordingly. BIS License Copy and CPRI/ERDA Type Test Certificates are available on request. The manufacturer’s Test Certificate is provided along with the supply.

X-Volt Electrical Insulating Mats Gallery

Duratuf Electrical Insulating Mats IEC 61111 Half Rolled
Image of Black Duratuf x-volt electrical mats half rolled
Duratuf X-Volt Insulating Mats IS 15652 (Black)

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DURATUF ISI Marked Electrical Insulating Mat (IS 15652:2006) is used for:-

  • Near HT/LT Control Panels
  • In front of Switchboards
  • Electrical Substations
  • Around Bus Bars
  • Transformers, Generator & Lift Rooms
  • Outdoor/Indoor On-site use on Live Equipment


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Frequently Asked Questions by Our Customers

Are these X-Volt Electrical Insulating Mats approved by BIS?

All X-Volt Electrical Insulating mats are IS 15652 marked on every metre and are approved by the Bureau of Indian Standards for use as Insulating Mats for Electrical Purposes.

Which X-Volt Electrical Safety Mat should I choose for my workplace?

We have the widest range of Electrical Safety Mats and the right selection depends upon your needs and budget. First, you need to determine the maximum voltage of the equipment and select the matching or higher Class Electrical Mats. You may also choose from blue or black colour if you are looking at budget options or if your budget permits then go for X-Volt Premium Insulating Mat Series.

What are the benefits of X-Volt Insulating Mats over Safevolt?

X-Volt Electrical Insulating Mats is manufactured for price-sensitive customers who need a basic no-frills product at low prices. Customers who are looking for more features and better aesthetics can go for the X-Volt Premium Insulating Mats Series or Safevolt Insulating Mats.

Can I permanently fix these X-Volt Insulation Mats on the floor?

Yes, all X-Volt Insulating Mats can be easily fixed on the floors permanently using adhesives such as Fevicol SR 998 Grade. We even undertake to fix along with materials subject to fulfillment of min. Criteria. Please visit our blog to discover Electric Insulation Mats from Duratuf.

What is the information required for ordering Insulating Mats?
Ordering insulating mats requires key details:

Mat Specs: Type (standard like IEC 61111), thickness (based on voltage), and size (width is often standard, length may need specifying). Color choice might be available.
Order Details: Quantity (rolls or square footage) and delivery information.
Additional Info (optional): Minimum order quantity (check supplier) and intended application (helps them recommend the best option).
Always check safety regulations to ensure the mats meet electrical work standards.

What if I am getting lower Electrical Insulating Mat price?

We at Duratuf do not claim we are the cheapest. But we have competitively priced Electrical Insulating Mats with superior quality and performance that deliver the best lifetime value.

What do I do if my question is not available here?

If you have a question and it is not listed above, you can visit our detailed FAQ Section on our homepage or connect with us directly for any assistance. Our customer care team shall be happy to help you.

What if I am getting lower Electrical Insulating Mat price?

We at Duratuf do not claim we have the cheapest IS 15652 electrical rubber mat price list. But we have competitively priced Electrical Insulating Mats with superior quality and performance that deliver the best lifetime value.

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