5 Common Industrial Applications of the Conveyor Belts: An Overview for Buyers

Do you want to boost the production process?

Are you worried about spillage during bulk material handling?

Has safe conveying of the materials become challenging for you ?

Are you using a conveyor belt?

If yes, then you are on the right page. Being one of the most widely recognized conveyor belt suppliers in the world, Duratuf understands the needs of the buyers. Read on to add value to your next purchase process.

What is a Conveyor Belt?

A Conveyor Belt is an engineered rubber product used for conveying or transporting bulk materials.

The conveyor belt is driven by the prime mover viz electric motor and runs over the sets of idler assemblies and pulley. Nonetheless, it is the quality of the rubber cover that brings the change.

Why use a Conveyor Belt?

If you want your work operations to be marked with:

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Here is where a conveyor belt comes into the picture!
A rubber conveyor belt has become indispensable for industrial operations. From manufacturing to shipping bulk materials, conveyor belts make the processes faster, smoother, and economical.

Take a Look at the 5 Industry-Specific Applications of the Conveyor Belts:

1. Manufacturing Industry:
Rubber conveyor belts are the backbone of manufacturing operations. They facilitate the seamless movement of raw materials. Moreover, they also convey finished products along the production line. A conveyor belt contributes to the streamlined manufacturing processes.
2. Recycling Facilities:

A rubber conveyor belt is essential in recycling plants for sorting and transporting recyclable materials. A belt conveyor system contributes to the sustainable management of waste by facilitating the efficient separation and processing of different materials.

3. Mining and Quarrying:

In the mining and quarrying industry, heavy-duty equipment is the norm. Here, a rubber conveyor belt is employed to transport bulk materials like coal, ore, and aggregates. Their resistance to abrasion makes them ideal for handling tough materials in challenging environments. Looking for the ideal conveyor belt rubber grade to convey sharp limestone aggregates? Have you tried Duratuf MaxGuard Conveyor Belts? As one of the trusted conveyor belt suppliers near you, we are strict about the quality we serve.

4. Ports with Bulk Terminal:

Conveyor belts are instrumental in moving coal, ore, grains, and aggregates from ships to storage facilities or vice versa. Their continuous and automated operation ensures a steady flow of materials, optimizing the unloading and loading processes. Nonetheless, they can also seamlessly integrate with other material handling equipment, such as ship loaders and unloaders, stackers, and reclaimers. Being one of the major conveyor belt suppliers in India, Duratuf tests each conveyor belt batch carefully, to keep the uptime maximized.

5. Thermal Power Plants:

Conveyor belts are vital in thermal power plants, transporting coal from storage to bunkers. They also help in ash removal, handling various fuels, and aiding in cooling water systems.
They contribute to efficient material flow, automated processes, and overall operational reliability, ensuring the seamless functioning of critical stages in power generation.
Duratuf offers a range of conveyor belts that are suitable for various industrial applications. Each of the belts is tested thoroughly to ensure that they can withstand arduous applications. Our customers have time and again attested to the quality we serve.

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Choosing Duratuf for Conveyor Belts is always a good idea because:

  • We Offer FREE Consultancy Services By Industry Experts
  • You Get to Design Your Conveyor Belt (belt customization)
  • We Are Focused On Boosting Your ROI
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Our catalog includes General Purpose cover grade, further categorized into Duratuf LiteGuard, Duratuf Guardian and Duratuf MaxGuard- depending on their abrasion resilience.
  • Heat resistant cover grade- Duratuf HeatGuard
  • Fire-Resistant cover grade- Duratuf FireGuard
  • Oil Resistant cover grade- Duratuf OilGuard.

Looking for reliable conveyor belt manufacturers?

Feel free to reach out to our team for detailed technical specifications on the Duratuf conveyor belt system. Contact us to get comprehensive information about the features and capabilities of the Duratuf conveyor belt solution.

Let us know your requirements- We respond within 60 minutes!

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