Duratuf Guardian Conveyor Belts

  • Wear Resistant Rubber Cover For Standard Operating Conditions
  • Faster Speed But Safe Conveying Of Materials
  • Proven Effectiveness And Operational Lifetime

Suitable For Quarry, Mining, Cement & Steel Industry Etc

Duratuf Guardian : Buy Conveyor Belt For Standard Applications

Materials with moderate cut and gouge properties significantly damage the conveyor belt cover without the users even knowing it. For such materials, experts have noticed the effects of both impact and impingement damage on belted conveyors. Discover the versatility and durability of Duratuf’s Guardian conveyor belt, meticulously engineered to exhibit moderate abrasion resistance. belt and conveyor tailored for diverse industrial applications, these belts ensure reliable material transportation without compromising longevity. In standard operating conditions, Duratuf’s commitment to quality guarantees a cost-effective and efficient solution, making our conveyor belts the trusted choice for businesses demanding steadfast performance and durability.

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Know About Duratuf Guardian Conveyor Belt From Experts

Key Features of Duratuf Guardian Conveyor Belt Rubber

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Duratuf Guardian Conveyor Belt Technical Specification

CharacterizationTensile Strength (MPa)Elongation at Break (%)Abrasion (mm3)Hardness (SHA)Adhesion Cover to Ply (N/mm)Ply to Ply
Adhesion Cover to Ply (N/mm)
High Abrasion, Superior to Cutting & Tearing1745020060+/-534.44

Applications Of Duratuf Guardian Belted Conveyor

Suitable to convey moderately sharp & abrasive material with cut & gouge property under heavy duty applications

Iron ore, Coal, Lignite, Copper, Limestone, Blast Furnace Slag, Stone, Rock etc

Customer Reviews

What do our Clients say about us?


What do our Clients say about us?

Can This Conveyor Belt Handle Bulk Material Transportation Efficiently?

Absolutely. Duratuf Guardian, a superior belted conveyor is designed to handle bulk materials with ease, offering a robust solution for industries requiring efficient and dependable material transportation in standard operating conditions.

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Is Duratuf Guardian Belted Conveyor Customizable To Specific Industry Requirements?

Yes, we offer customization options to meet the unique needs of different industries. From varying belt widths to number of plies, our belts can be tailored to align with specific applications, ensuring a perfect fit for diverse operational requirements.

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Can Conveyor Belt System For Less Abrasive Materials Accommodate Varying Inclines And Declines?

Yes, conveyor belts designed for less abrasive materials can handle inclines and declines. Opt for Duratuf conveyor belts with proper grip and flexibility to ensure smooth transportation on different terrains without compromising efficiency.
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Can A Conveyor Belt Designed For Less Abrasive Materials Withstand Exposure To Different Environmental Conditions?

Yes, Duratuf conveyor belts are engineered to resist environmental factors. Choose our belts with appropriate materials and coatings, neoprene, to ensure durability and performance in varying conditions.
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What Role Does Belt Width Play In Conveyor Systems For Less Abrasive Materials?

Optimal belt width ensures efficient material handling. While wider conveyor belts increase carrying capacity, choose a width that aligns with your specific application requirements for seamless transportation of less abrasive materials.
We can help you choose a belt and conveyor of optimum thickness. Contact our product experts with 50+ years of combined experience.

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Know About Duratuf Guardian Conveyor Belt From Experts

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