Duratuf LiteGuard Conveyor Belts

  • For Lesser Abrasive Materials Like Food Grains Or Wood Chips
  • Durable Resistance From Impingement Damage
  • Continuous Conveying At A Steady Speed

Suitable For Quarry, Mining, Cement & Steel Industry Etc

Duratuf LiteGuard : Buy Conveyor Belt For Light-weight Applications

Materials having no sharp edges, minimal cut and gouge properties rub the rubber belted conveyor cover like sandpaper. This slow wear remains concealed till the time the problem escalates and results in downtime. Duratuf LiteGuard, engineered with innovation, protects the conveyor belt cover from impingement damage. This cutting-edge solution not only ensures prolonged belt and conveyor durability but also safeguards operational efficiency, making it an indispensable choice for reliable conveyor belt performance. The Duratuf LiteGuard conveyor belt comes with Duratuf reinforcement- a unique, light-weight belted conveyor with optimum thickness. Although the belted conveyor is extremely light, it is as strong as a piece of steel.

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Know About Duratuf LiteGuard Conveyor Belt From Experts

Key Features Of Duratuf LiteGuard Belted Conveyor

Light-weight Material

Strong Reinforcement

Optimum Thickness


Great Convenience

Duratuf LiteGuard Conveyor Belt Technical Specification

CharacterizationTensile Strength (MPa)Elongation at Break (%)Abrasion (mm3)Hardness (SHA)Adhesion Cover to Ply (N/mm)Ply to Ply
Adhesion Cover to Ply (N/mm)
Resistance to Cutting and Gouging.Flexible at lower temperature1240025060+/-534.44

Applications Of Duratuf LiteGuard Belted Conveyor

Lesser Abrasive and Smaller Lump & Fine material:

Sand, Cement, Slacked Lime, Wood Chips, Pulp (Dry)

Customer Reviews

What do our Clients say about us?


What do our Clients say about us?

What Signs Indicate That A Conveyor Belt Handling Less Abrasive Materials May Need Replacement?

At Duratuf, you get guided by conveyor belt experts. Here is our tip:
Look out for reduced efficiency, increased noise, or visible wear on the belt surface. Regular inspections, identifying these signs early, and timely replacement will prevent unexpected downtime and maintain the conveyor’s optimal performance.

Can a Conveyor Belt System For Less Abrasive Materials Adapt To Variable Speeds Without Compromising Performance?

Absolutely. Opt for the Duratuf belted conveyor with adjustable speed capabilities to accommodate various processing needs. This flexibility ensures that conveyor belts handling less abrasive materials can adapt seamlessly to changing operational requirements.
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Can Conveyor Belt System For Less Abrasive Materials Accommodate Varying Inclines And Declines?

Yes, conveyor belts designed for less abrasive materials can handle inclines and declines. Opt for Duratuf conveyor belts with proper grip and flexibility to ensure smooth transportation on different terrains without compromising efficiency.
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Can A Conveyor Belt Designed For Less Abrasive Materials Withstand Exposure To Different Environmental Conditions?

Yes, Duratuf conveyor belts are engineered to resist environmental factors. Choose our belts with appropriate materials and coatings, neoprene, to ensure durability and performance in varying conditions.
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What Role Does Belt Width Play In Conveyor Systems For Less Abrasive Materials?

Optimal belt width ensures efficient material handling. While wider conveyor belts increase carrying capacity, choose a width that aligns with your specific application requirements for seamless transportation of less abrasive materials.
We can help you choose a belt and conveyor of optimum thickness. Contact our product experts with 50+ years of combined experience.

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