Duratuf MaxGuard Conveyor Belts

  • Resilient Outer Cover And Durable Belt Carcass
  • Superior Resistance To Cutting And Tearing
  • Multi-ply Customizable Conveyor Belt Cover

Suitable For Quarry, Mining, Cement & Steel Industry Etc

Duratuf MaxGuard : Buy Conveyor Belt For Heavy-Duty Applications

Conveyor belt covers stay at a risk of wear from both the top and bottom sides. Therefore, many users think that, the thicker the cover of the conveyor belt system, the more resistance it will have. However, our experts have found out through surveys and intensive research that this is a wrong notion. If your conveyor belt system has a heavier rubber cover that it can withstand, it will make downtime more frequent. For conveying heavy-duty materials with cut and gouge properties, trust Duratuf MaxGuard. It is thoroughly tested and certified. But the only thing we do differently is test each conveyor belt under highly demanding conditions. There might be some areas, where even a steel-inserted conveyor belt tears apart. However, being a trusted conveyor belt supplier, our products perform exactly the way we commit.

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Know About Duratuf MaxGuard Conveyor Belt From Experts

Key Features Of Duratuf MaxGuard Belted Conveyor

Premium Rubber

Flexible Reinforcement

Seamless Conveying


Great Convenience

Duratuf MaxGuard Conveyor Belt Technical Specification

CharacterizationTensile Strength (MPa)Elongation at Break (%)Abrasion (mm3)Hardness (SHA)Adhesion Cover to Ply (N/mm)Ply to Ply
Adhesion Cover to Ply (N/mm)
Extreme Abrasion, Superior Resistance to Cutting & Tearing2445012060+/-534.44

Applications Of Duratuf MaxGuard Belted Conveyor

Sharp & abrasive material with cut & gouge property under heavy-duty applications:

Iron ore, Coal, Lignite, Copper, Limestone, Blast Furnace Slag, Stone, Rock etc

Customer Reviews

What do our Clients say about us?


What do our Clients say about us?

Can Duratuf MaxGuard Conveyor Belt Handle The Transportation Of Abrasive Materials Efficiently?

Yes, innovatively designed, Duratuf Maxguard belted conveyor can transport the finest, sharpest and most abrasive materials. The high abrasion resistance of MaxGuard is a result of advanced material technology and precision manufacturing. This unique composition ensures that the MaxGuard conveyor belt maintains its structural integrity and surface quality, even when subjected to the challenging conditions presented by abrasive materials. Whether it’s in mining, aggregates, or heavy manufacturing, MaxGuard proves its efficiency by providing reliable and sustained performance in high-demand environments.

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How Does Duratuf MaxGuard Compare To Standard Conveyor Belts When It Comes To Handling Extreme Abrasion?

Duratuf MaxGuard outperforms standard conveyor belts in handling extreme abrasion due to its specialized composition. MaxGuard is designed to resist wear, ensuring extended operational life and reduced maintenance, making it the superior choice for industries dealing with highly abrasive materials.

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Can Duratuf MaxGuard Conveyor Belts Withstand Prolonged Exposure To Harsh Environmental Conditions Without Compromising Their High Abrasion Resistance?

Yes, Duratuf MaxGuard conveyor belt is manufactured in a way to withstand prolonged exposure to harsh environmental conditions while maintaining its high abrasion resistance. The materials used in MaxGuard ensure durability and performance integrity, making it a reliable solution for industries operating in challenging climates.

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In what ways can Duratuf MaxGuard conveyor belt contribute to cost-effectiveness in industries dealing with abrasive materials?

Duratuf MaxGuard’s superior abrasion resistance results in reduced wear and tear, minimizing the frequency of belt replacements. This longevity, combined with sustained performance, translates to significant cost savings over time, making MaxGuard a cost-effective solution for industries handling abrasive materials.

Does The High Abrasion Resistance Of Duratuf MaxGuard Extend To Resist Impact Damage In Addition To Wear?

Absolutely. Duratuf MaxGuard not only excels in resisting wear from abrasive materials but also demonstrates resilience against impact damage. This dual capability ensures a comprehensive solution for industries dealing with both abrasive materials and potential impact challenges.

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